Need Help with Broadcom and/or Wireless Router

I have a 2.21 ghz 3400+ gateway equipped with a broadcom 802.11g wireless network adapter...also i have a 768kbs adsl connection coming through from a actiontec gt704wg wireless router...currently i am connected with two-three bars and works fine when web surfing and downloading via bittorrent

But the problem is that after an hour or two the connection is always lost and it reconnects manually quite easily ...but i need a stable connection so that i can download via bitcomet for long periods of time

P.S. router has dhcp enabled, upnp is also on, for my wireless adapter it is set at default roaming settings, 54g auto, and the radio is enabled, while the the power save is off.
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  1. Are you able to test using a wired connection ?
    This would tell you whether it is a wirelss problem or something else.

    Could it be your ISP disconnecting you on a regular basis ? Some ISPs used to do this ....

    Do you have access to your broadband modem logs ? They may give a clue.

    Have you asked your ISP ? (don't mention bittorrent :wink: )
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