Smokin motherboard, What the ?

Well, just put together new system, and turned it on and bam smoke, turned it off via power asap, but it appears the mb was faulty, for the record yes standoffs were used, and yes every connection was double checked what boggles my mind is this is a brand new mb. and nothing was connected in the area of the melting not even a standoff, seems to be battery/debug plugin area any ideas what could have caused this at all ive installed so many systems and never had smoke on start up, never, im boggled. please help?

btw power supply is corsair 620w with pfc im pretty sure there was not a power issue, in fact the board lit up, fans spun, lol i didnt give it a chance to post as the smoke made me shut it down like one second into start up.

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  1. If there was nothing casing a visible short such as a screw or something, I'll hazard you got a bad motherboard, and you should RMA it.
  2. i can confirm there was no loose screw or wires or anything touching that area, tower was standing all wires tied off standoffs givng mb clearance from case. bad motherboard, even bad motherboards dont catch on fire do they?
  3. I certainly hope that this MB incident hasn't shot anything in your system beside the MB itself. Good luck
  4. i certainly hope not, the good thing is where hte smoke/fire was, no other components were near, the few quick seconds it took me to turn off powersupply, the fans/lights still were working, so the mb still worked to some degree and the ps still worked.

    im gona hope for the best, be geting the replacment mb in a week will continue this adventure, btw dont want to mention mb brand becuse the company has been good for me in the past and dont want to flame them if i happen to get that one in a million faulty mb.

    not only that there service is great.

    however if more components are fried and they do nothing then, perhaps flameing will be warranted but i have faith. )
  5. looks like an ASUS to me
  6. yep standoffs lined up perfectly with holes, and the area of melting had no standoff near it, nor nothing plugged in, is battery area/debug pluginn
  7. well for my frist post on this site i will say i think its time you went back to Photos 101.

    hope all is well now thought
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