3DS Max Animation Rendering.

I am considering buying NVIDIA QUADRO FX 1500 along with ASUS P5W64 WS Professional M/B, E 6600 Processor & 2GB Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400PRO RAM for my new Animation Setup.

However, I am confused between Nvidia's Quadro FX and ATI's FireGL. Does anybody know of any good article (Reasonably recent) comparing these two?

Forum suggestions also welcome.
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  1. have you considered the mac pro with the dual xeons, would be quicker than a e6600. Anyways, if the app is openGL then go for the NVIDIA, if its DirectX than go for ATI.
    Hope this helps
  2. Quote:
    Anyways, if the app is openGL then go for the NVIDIA, if its DirectX than go for ATI.
    Hope this helps

    No, no, no. I respectfully submit that you don't know anything about FireGLs or Quadros in Pro 3d Apps - and therefore shouldn't make any recommendations regarding them, sir. :)

    Nvidia's Quadros and Ati's FireGLs are both optmimized for pro 3d apps, which are primarily OpenGL. They both do a decent job and have their strengths and weaknesses. Maya seems to favor Ati, most other apps like 3dsMAX seem to favor the Quadros.

    IMHO the best bang for the buck is the Quadro 560, which is based on the 12 pipeline geforce 7600. The Quadro 1500 is based on the 7900 GS, which is 16 pipelines. Considering the huge the price difference they perform similarly, so I'd go for the 560 if price is a factor.

    Here's a great review of all the contemporaries at Xbit labs, a great site:

  3. You might want to consider softmodding a AGP GeForce 6800 into a Quadro FX4000 instead, but I think it only works on AGP version and some very select PCI express versions so you'd have to do some research on it first worked with my 6800 agp card though that's all I know. It's kinda funny that the cards getting dated now for gaming a bit for me, but for maya and 3dsmax it's still great. There's a board that supports AGP and PCI Express video card along with ddr and ddr2 memory and pentium d processors along with core 2 duo processors as well via a bios update that'd be great for that forget the name of it, but I think it's a asus or asutek board shuttle or something. The money saved on the video card could be invested into more ram or a quicker processor too so id check into that personally.
  4. FX3450
  5. Thanks for your inputs. I wish I could go for FX 3450 but it is beyond my comfortable budget and since I plan on getting me another setup in about 6 months time, I guess I will go with FX 1500 for the time being. Thanks all for your inputs anyway. :)
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