Incompatibility!!! Is there a way through it???

I am using ASUS N6200GE 128 MB /128 bit and my motherboard is ASRock 775i65GV. When I try to play a movie my player crash. BUT when I play a movie on my onboard video card there is no problem. Also, my video card is not officially supported by this motherboard. Is there any way to change this?
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  1. Tell the company to make the card compatable (supported) with the motherboard. Course i would be lieing if i said i ever heard of that brand.

    Only time i can think of a video card being that in compatable on a motherboard is when i had a matrox g400 and it didnt work on my abit board back with my slot a athlon 700. simple bios update fixed that however. Might want to check into that.

    If its not that or a psu or faulty video card (might check drivers also) i would look into buying a brand of motherboard that has better support ;)
  2. Look for the latest patches/drivers from ASROCK. I believe they are some kind of sub-division of asus so its surprising to me that their products are not compatible. If you recently bought your hardware, email their support (either or both companies) with this same question.
    They'll likely just find some way to send you on a wild driver goose chase, but it's worth a shot. Issues like that are usually very annoying and time-consuming to troubleshoot. Also try different video/dvd players (or different versions of it) just in case. M$ media player 9 had some serious playback issues on my system (7900GTO on an Abit board), upgrading to version 10 solved them.
  3. u havent heard or asrock? well any way i have they are several things u can try, a bios upgrade, drivers, changing your player.

    if it is just when u use the player then it may be the player. if it is in lots of things eg games and apps then the card may be the problem

    i would change my player fist but you may be resistant to this so you could try uninstalling it then reinstalling it.

    if this does not work try updating your drivers and making sure windows is up to date. you might want to try a defrag as well it probably wont do anything but some times they do.

    finally if there is a bios update for your mobo then go for it be very careful tough as you can kill you mobo.

    if all else fails it might be compatibly or even fault hardware
  4. untill this thread no. and after looking at thier site lol hopefully the last time i do. If they are a sub devision of asus must be thier gineric we dont care about it devision since i have built 100000000000 asus motherboard computers and havent had a compatability issue yet. NOW MSI on the other hand. i wont get into that nightmare. Needless to say i quit that job cuz i got sick of dealing with MSI constant problems.

    BTW 99.99% of the time defraging will do nothing to help you in anyway with any problem aside from finding a couple lose bits lost adn aranging your data in a pretty way. ;) sure you might get a 1% boost in disk reads but o well.
  5. As Enforcer22 stated, check for drivers for you mobo, bios updates, and updates for your card. I'm pretty sure that there are modified drivers out there for your needs :wink:
  6. Well, based on my personal experience with this problem, I am sure for this: this is not a player problem, this is not a windows problem. My hardware is dealing pretty good with games, so it isn't faulty hardware. I have tried the latest drivers for the moment. Now I will try bios upgrade both for motherboard and for video card. According the information avaliable for bios upgrades on ASRock there is nothing for video cards, but who knows....
    If anyone can help me with something else, I will be glad to read it!
  7. And one question, a little bit stupid but... I need the answer. So, when I upgrade a video or motherboard bios do I need to apply all avaliable updates sequentialy, or I can use only the newest one? I mean does the last update contain all fixes from previous updates? I know this is a silly question, but I have no experience in upgarding bios.
  8. Hi go6o_kara,
    You just install the latest update - no need to go through them all.
    That motherboard does not have AGP. It has ASRock AGI.
    From their website: Worldwide Patent ASRock A.G.I. 8X
    They have a list of acceptable vidcards, LoL. The GeForce 6200 is not on the list.
    Anyway, just use the Intel onboard graphics. That vidcard is not so hot anyway, to be causing you all this trouble... probably it's a bit better than the onboard (but not much). At least a vidcard doesn't steal your system memory though, heheh.
    If you want AGP graphics you need an AGP 8x slot - or you can make sure your vidcard is on that list at ASRock.
    Make sure the first PCI slot right next to the AGP slot is not used. In my experience you don't usually use that PCI slot if you have any kind of cooler on your vidcard, and the manufacturers know this, so often you will find that the AGP and the first PCI share the same IRQ.
    Good luck to you.
    Hey the guys and I will find you a dirt-cheap Socket775 mobo that will run your stuff - right lads? AGP 8x and DDR memory. I'm gonna find one for you right now, if it's inexpensive enough you should consider it...
  9. Forgot to mention, there is a Sept. 16/2006 BIOS ver2.40 there on ASRock but I do not believe this will help you.
    It seems all the BIOS updates in 2006 contained only CPU and HD compatibility updates...
    But it's true they make changes to BIOS they don't always tell you everything about, heheh :wink:
  10. I'll be waiting... 10x for your efforts to help me. I'll try this update, but this will not help, or I suspect so.
  11. Like was already mentioned no need to go through them all.

    BTW when i used AGP i disabled the IRQ for agp on every board. so it wouldnt conflic with that slot. Didnt have any issues with it. Cant really remember where i worked at the time but one of hte techs showed me that secret course when the heatsinks started getting huge i couldnt use that slot anyways.

    The most current that only shows new updates to that patch not comulative updates. it will have all updates previous to that as well as the ones stated on the notes. So no need to worry about that.
  12. Well, the bios update do not help, and I couldn't find any bios for my video card from ASUS. Now I will ask both ASUS and ASRock about my problem...
  13. Here is a beautiful Asus P5PE-VM (Intel) for $69. (CDN):

    Or a not quite as nice ECS P4M800Pro-M (Via) for only $59 bucks(CDN):

    Then there is the quite popular ASRock model that supports both AGP and PCI-E, and both DDR and DDR2, the 775Dual-Vsta (Via) for $79 bucks (CDN):

    USA dollars should be ~$10 bucks less, each...
    Actually for only $50 bucks US, that ECS will solve all your problems nicely. It has lousy onboard graphics but of course you have your GeForce 6200!
    The ASRock is the ultimate 'upgrade' mobo if you wish to invest in the future.
    The Asus is the best quality of the bunch - this would be a real nice upgrade for you (better than your mobo).
    The ECS is real inexpensive but I have used them and they work.
    Hope this helps,
  14. Yap, 10x for the help, I really need to change my mobo, but no money for now, so I'll just keep reconnecting my monitor cable from one video card to the other one.
  15. Full Error please.
    [Screenshot if possible].

    Asus and Asrock are basically the same company, so a Asus branded GeForce 6200 should work on Asrock branded mainboard, with a SiS (citation req) chipset fine. If the chipset is non-SiS, or a weird AGP hybrid implementation can someone please link to it ? (Too tired atm to look - sorry)

    - Go there and download the AGP, IDE, PCI, etc drivers four your mainboard chipset.

    - Then re-install Video codecs + Windows Media Player + iTunes (if using it) + etc.

    Should get you working
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