I need help starting my own wireless setup. PLEASE!!!

I have DSL provided by SBC Yahoo service.
i also have a linksys wireless G router.
I want to connect two PCs, a laptop, and a PSP as well, to the internet; and, if possible, to each other.
Please, help me!!! I've been trying to set this up for months and I had given up. but since my friend messed up his connection, I dont know how, I'm trying to go from scratch, not with the stupid Secure Easy Setup that the router has.
PS I dont know much about LAN or Networking as you can probably tell, so if you give a really good link or really explicit info, It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks guys.
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More about starting wireless setup please
  1. SBC Yahoo DSL uses PPPoE for auth. You will need user id and password to setup the router.

    Since every thing is messed up, let start with a clean slate. Reset your router back to Factory.

    Use the computer that you used to setup the dsl originally. Make sure the nic is set for dhcp.

    Connect your computer to lan port 1, modem to Internet (wan), then connect the power.

    Wait till all lights settle down.

    All of your setup will be done through a wired connection.

    Point your browser to the router and login. Recommend use the MS IE for this, others have had problems with the java script in the past.
    If you can not connect, check to see if your NIC picked up a valid IP, should be 192.168.1.XX , If not do a repair.

    ALways Save Changes as you go through the setup pages.

    Change the default PW

    Basic setup, Unless you have a Static IP select DHCP.
    Enter your internet connection info PPPoE, userid and pw
    There should be a section to clone your mac address in to the router.
    You now have the option to change the name of the router.

    Once this part is done you should have a internet connection.

    Wireless to come after you have internet working.
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