Tried everything, please please help with RAM issue...


Well, I need some help!! Here is my situation:

I originally bought my computer with 1GB of ram.

Here is the type of ram I bought with my computer:


I know that my mobo does not support pc4000, but, it worked fine and the computer ran normally for about 3 months with it.

THEN, I decided to upgrade. I bought a 2nd gig, EXACTLY the same as above. When I put it in, it worked fine and everything was normal. I had it in my computer for over a week.

THEN, I ended up having to take out the 2nd ram that I just bought to uprade and put it in my brother's computer (who has THE EXACT SAME system as mine, exact same 1GB ram that came with my computer) and for some reason the 2nd gig of ram would not work on his computer.

So we decided just to leave it in my computer, so I tried to put it back in, but this time it just wouldn't work in mine either. So I'm like, WTF?

The start up screen and bios both said that I have 2 gigs of ram going, but when windows would start to boot up, right before I would get to the log-in screen a fast blue screen of death would show up (un-readable) and reboot the computer.

I tried running in safe mode, the computer would boot to windows, but then if I tried to click on anything I would get an error saying:

"Memory could not be 'written' - to terminate, press OK" - then I would press ok and the system would shut down.

I also tried running windows repair option, by using the CHKDSK to recover any files that might be messed up or something, still nothing.

I also tried to format my computer with the 2gigs in there - right before I would be able to delete my partition and install windows, I would get an error about memory and the computer would freeze.

Either way, I have an extra $250 ram that won't boot up. When I took it out and left the original 1BG in, my computer works fine. I've had my computer for about 1.5 years now.

I've tried mix and matching the slots, still same problem. I've also taken it back to the place I bought it from to see if the ram was faulty. They did some tests and said it was OK.

SO, does anyone know what I can do? It seems like a windows problem, do I have to configure my virtual memory, delete my page file and set up my maximum size to more then 3072?

Or, is there something I can do in the bios? Change voltages around or something? I feel totally helpless here, and I feel like I just wasted $250. I wish I never took it out of my computer in the first place and put it into my brother's, because now it won't work in mine...

If anyone has any suggestions or advice - please fire away.

Thanks so much for whoever reads this/replies
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  1. I also just tried something else.

    I took out my original one gig (the one that 'works') - and just replaced it with the 2nd gig that I bought.

    Logically, the computer should boot up since there's only one gig. When I powered the computer on, all I got was beeping noise and it wouldn't do anything.

    It was placed in exactly the same slots as the first, still didn't work. I think those mofos were lying to me when they said the ram wasnt faulty. Is it possible that something in my bro's computer could have fried the ram?
  2. Sounds like that RAM stick is bad. Yes, static shock could certainly damage it. You can do your own memory testing by downloading the CD image for "The Ultimate Boot CD" and burning a bootable CD from that. It has all kinds of useful utilities, including memtest86+. Run memtest86+ overnight. If you get ANY errors, something's wrong (you can stop it right away if you get errors). My prediction is that with only your good stick, there will be no errors, but with only the bad stick in there, you will get errors right away. With that info, contact OCZ and make arrangements to RMA the bad stick for a replacement (you have a lifetime warranty, remember). You don't need to go into the whole story, the key thing is if one stick works fine (no errors) and the other stick when installed the same way gives errors, that's pretty conclusive.
  3. Perfect.

    Thanks for the info, much appreciated!
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