HP Scanjet 2200C Shutsdown my Keyboard & Mouse

This message goes out to those who have an HP 2200c scanner. I can't get it to work. The as soon as I plug it into the USB port on my computer, my keyboard and mouse shutsdown. ie LEDs on the keyboard goes off and the optical mouse light goes completely off. The computer didn't freeze up at all, just all my input devices go off. I followed the installation instructions precisely. ie I installed the software BEFORE installing the hardware. USB ports seem fine since I've tried out my mouse on both ports and the ps2 port too. Oh, I've also used the USB port to attach a digital camera in the past with no problems what so ever. I've tried enabling and disabling "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" under Control Panel/Device Manager/USB Root Hub Properties/Power Management with no luck. I've tried using the latest drivers from the HP website and also any updates at the HP website. I've already emailed HP support but I doubt I'll get any worth while 'support' from them. Oh one more thing, I've noticed that if I leave the scanner plugged in and I reboot (Hitting reset) the computer boots extremely slow. ie Initial startup screen where it shows my cpu, ide devices. It takes a while.

WindowsXP (Fully updated with all the necessary patches)
Latest drivers (Video, via 4-in-1 chipset, you name it)
No conflicts reported in Device manager. No ! (Exclamation marks) under any devices.

Am I missing anything obvious?

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Aopen Full Tower 300W ATX
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NEC 19" MultiSync FE950
HP Scanjet 2200C
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  1. question: You have a USB keyboard AND USB mouse?

    Also, are you using a USB hub? Is it externally powered? What is the exact configuration of the USB ports on the MB/Hub and where you're plugging the devices in?

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  2. I'm not using a hub or powered hub. My mouse can be plugged into either the ps2 port or the usb port. So originally, I had the mouse plugged into the ps2 port and my keyboard plugged into my keyboard port. When I got my scanner, I plugged it straight into one of the usb ports on the motherboard. My keyboard and mouse immediately shutdown. The computer didn't lockup and I wouldn't say that my keyboard or mouse locked up, it's just that power to those inputs suddenly get cut off.

    At first I thought it was my usb port on my motherboard was at fault, so I unplugged my scanner. Unplugged my mouse from my ps2 port and then into the usb port and voila it worked.

    After some time after my first post, I guessed that perhaps the scanner was sucking up too much power, so I took a powered usb hub and plugged my scanner in there. WindowsXP recognized the hub just fine, but listed the scanner as "unknown device." Funny thing was my keyboard and mouse didn't shutdown. Oh, I'd already confirmed that the usb hub ports were working fine.
  3. oh, I didn't realize you were using PS/2 mouse and keyboard and those were affected by the on board USB ports. My guess is you've got a bad mobo.

    <i>It's always the one thing you never suspected.</i>
  4. I had to run my scanner on the parallel cable, and use the pass through feature, with my printer hooked to the scanner to solve my problems.
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