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I know almost all of you are laughing at me but i'm looking for a PCI graphics card. Unfortunately, my crappy VAIO doesn't have a AGP slot and there is no way a 5 year old computer has a PCI-E slot. I'm a student so I really don't want to buy a new computer or replace the whole motherboard AND get a AGP graphics card which would cost way to much.

Here are my specs:
Windows xp SP2
AMD 1.56ghz (not exactly sure what model CPU, possibly athlon +1800)
768 mb ram
Integrated 32mb graphics SIS 641(hence the reason i want a new graphics card)
Integrated sound

Any advice on which would be the best PCI graphics card? I attempted to search Google for top recent pci graphics card reviews but only PCIe reviews seem to pop up. I found one but it was back in 2003.
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  1. i would say get an x1300 from newegg, of if they have any left, a 6xxx series pci
  2. It seems the ATI x1300 has higher frame rate then the GeForce 6200 according to the VGA chart. I might just get that. Thanks for all your input.
  3. Understand one thing first of all.

    The PCI bus will greatly reduce the performance of these cards. They will be nowhere near the results found in the VGA charts.

    IMO get a new Mobo and cheap PCIe card, better option for gaming.

    PCI card should only be used for 2D and AeroGlass 3D no serious 3D at all.
  4. Yea i understand how amazingly slow PCI can be. After all its limited to 133 mb/s which is shared among all the other PCI cards i have. But honestly I dont think i can live with this 32 mb integrated. Playing just warcraft 3 in lowest settings at 800 x 600 gives me 22 frames per second. Unreal Tournament gives me 16 on Torlan map. Its just getting to ridiculous. But although I am paying a lot more for a lot less when i get a PCI card, it will only be a temporary solution. I am saving up for a 5000 dollar Alienware but it will be a while before I have that much to spend. I figured getting a top of the line computer would be the best route then upgrading this piece of junk. Hopefully that computer will be able to outlast many of the other computers for a while.
  5. IMO, forget ALienware, build your own, and take $200 of that $5000 and put it towards your current rig.

    You'll likely be able to build a better rig for $4000 than you can buy from Alienware for $5000.

    Just a thought, money better spent IMO.
  6. Quote:
    I am saving up for a 5000 dollar Alienware but it will be a while before I have that much to spend.

    like mr. ape said.

    probably better to spend 100$ or less on a pci card. it will be better
    than onboard.

    then wait 3 months or so and see how prices and how popular
    vista is.

    then start your upgrade. one component at a time.
  7. Hmmm i think i will do that. I guess most people buy alienware just for the brand but now that i think about it, i don't gain a lot from getting alienware that i wouldn't be able to get with my own custom built system. I'll just build my own. Thanks a lot for the advice.

    My brother in law who happens to work at the Dell call center has heard rumors about dell employees getting discount from alienware products because of the dell acquisition of alienware. It would be 15% apparently but not begin until a specific date in 2007. What do you guys think? Should i just ask him to the discount or build my own?
  8. Well best thing to do is check at the time, part out a Dellienware and then your own, and see what it is after discount. Usually They $crew you over for HDDs and Memory. They have nice cases, and make solid PCs for those who can't make their own, but it's rare you can't build a better one yourself.

    Just a question of whether you like the advantage of a warranty or support, or if you are confident of your own skillz.

    Also you can focus on exactly what you need, and not the limits of the options they'll offer you.

    It sucks your options now, but I'd try and get a cheap replacement now, than spending much more money later.

    I can get an open box AMD64 3500+ w/ GF6100 integrated with PCIe X16 slot, with 512MB RAM (easily upgraded), 160GB SATA, with Software, all for $249 CDN (like $200US) at FutureShop (owned by BestBuy), there's gotta be deals near you.

    To me that makes much more sense than putting an overpriced PCI card in your old rig, just my two frames' worth.
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