Brand new computer! But not starting up? Need fast help!

I have a few questions, I just purchased the following

Raidmax Sagitta ATX Case
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4Ghz CPU
Asus P5B Motherboard
Corsair XMS2 2gb DDR2 Ram
eVGA Geforce 8800GTX

I already have a 160gb HD and a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card.

So it has been a while since I've put a computer together, but I don't think there is any kind of a difference and I believe that I hooked up everything right.

I plug in everything and I hit the power button on the case and the light turns on and I can hear a fan trying to start but it dies right away. I don't know what is wrong. Any suggestions for trouble shooting?
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  1. You stepped up to a very power hungry video card. As you did not list a power supply as the things you bought and I assume you are using the on from your old system...My first question would be how many watts is it and how many volts on the Rails...Im pretty sure that card needs 26 if I recall
  2. Powersupply came with the case and it is 450W power supply.
  3. I know for a fact that this is your problem. Even a power supply of a quality brand would have a hard time running that video card. I would go for at least a 600Watt if not more. Go for OCZ or Hiper or Sunbeamtech...My favorite brands
  4. 600W?!? I never knew my CPU would need to run that much power. I guess I'll have to go out and buy one tomorrow. How much are 600W PSU's usually?

    It probably would have been cheaper if I just bought a case with no PSU and just bought one seperate.

    Can anyone else confirm that this problem is because of the PSU? My friends computer has a 7900GT and he's running fine with 450W.

    Another question I have is does everything need to be hooked up because on one of my fans, it has two plugs, one male, one female, do both of these need to be hooked up or are either one of them fine.

    Almost the same question with my video card, it has two plugs in the back, do both need to be connected from the monitor? (it does have two plugs in the back of the monitor too) On the video card it also has two plugs for "additional power" and in the box it gave me two of these cords. Again, do I need to use both of them for the video card?
  5. I recommend the OCZ 700W PS its a great PSU plus its smaller than alot of the power house.. has a great fan and pushed alot of air

    The one in my Sig below :)
  6. I am looking at the OCZ power supply, seems pretty good, hopefully the place where I bought my stuff has it. They were able to pricematch everything I had priced from newegg so I just bought from them which saved from shipping and the wait.

    Edit: The place does have the PSU, they have it listed for $155, has it for $145 and they have a $25 mail in rebate, so hopefully they will pricematch them again for the PSU.

    But I'd like to know if it is for sure my PSU that is causing this problem, because I would hate to spend another $100-$130 on something that doesn't fix the problem.

    Thanks a lot guys!
  7. Just to show you this is your problem...This is the specs on your powersupply

    Dual +12V: No
    Fans: 3
    Input Current: 10A @ 115V, 6A @ 230V
    Input Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
    Input Voltage: 100 - 120/200 - 240Vac
    Main Connector: 20+4-Pin
    Modular Cabling Support: No
    Output: +3.3V@28A, +5V@34A, +12V@14A, -5V@0.5A, -12V@0.8A, +5VSB@2.0A
    PFC: No

    First off...for your video card... Dual +12V rails are a MUST and it only runs 14 amps on your single rail while your video card needs 26!!! therefore that is your problem
  8. So all I need to do is go purchase the new PSU and hopefully it'll all be running?

    Thanks for helping me sand
  9. Yea you should be good to go...and it is always nice to have bought from a local store cuz if you have a prob you can always go in there and pay 30 bucks and they will tell you your problem and you can exchange it there...have fun
  10. Bought the OCZ 700W power supply and hooked everything up and now I don't even get a little start up at all. This is so frustrating, I just want my stuff to run. I don't know what could be wrong.
  11. Is your cpu heatsink attached? May sound like a silly question but I've seen it happen when people are trying to rush and test to see if their computer will boot up.
  12. Heatsink is attatched I believe. I had somewhat of a hard time getting it on, some of the sides don't seem to be "plugged in" all the way into the board, but I feel as if I push any harder, I'm going to break the motherboard. It should be connected, because when I tried using my older power supply, it would power up for 1-2 seconds and then turn off. So I went out and bought a 700W power supply, and hooked everything back up and now it won't even start up just a little.

    I get a green LED on the motherboard when I turn the PSU on, so the mobo is getting power right? I'm trying to figure out if it's some kind of a connection or what is wrong.
  13. Sounds like the motherboard for me. Is it new? I remember when I tried to overclock my system, I blow up my system and samething happened to me, sometimes the system used to turn on (fans would move and neons would come up) for only 1 sec and then go off.

    Do you think you can check the motherboard somewhere else to see if that is the problem?

    BTW, just to remind you, did you connect the 4-pin EPS connector into the motherboard? you said you were new with this new systems.
  14. I think you would have been better off taking the video card out of the equation.Just trying to boot it with onboard vid.You no doubt got a good psu but You found that it was not the problem.
    This is what i would do to trouble shoot(mind you though what little i know,i mean little,i learned by reading on my own).
    1. check and double check all assy.
    2. try to take out all hardware not essential to boot.
    3. you say your runnin 2gigs ddrII (i am guessing 2X 1gig)try subbing out sticks one at a time.
    like i said i am a self learner so may not be best advise but i would try these steps
    good luck
  15. Oh man, I can believe this. I took the computer into where I bought all the stuff and the tech people there worked on it and they said that I didn't attatch the posts for the motherboard. I had no idea that this had to be done, but anyways, they hooked up everything and organized everything and it starts up.

    Now the problem is that the computer doesn't start XP, it just comes to a screen where I can choose what to run, XP, safe mode, safe mode with network, etc etc. When I choose just to run anything, safe mode or regular, it will just reboot again and come up to the same exact screen. This is so frustrating for me.

    I'm guessing the easiest way to fix this is to put the XP cd in a reinstall XP? Sadly, I cannot find my XP cd now.
  16. Re-install windows XP and that should fix it.

    so that was it right? the 4-pin power connector...
  17. Yeah, I didn't have them connected

    Now all I need to do right now is find a Windows XP CD since I can't find mine.
  18. Im glad it works for can be tricky but most of the time it installs nice and easy
  19. So I haven't been able to find my XP CD, so I haven't been able to test my computer, it seems to just keep doing the same thing where it will ask which option I want to run (Safe Mode, Safe mode with network, Run regular etc) and it just keeps looping after I choose something.

    But when I took the computer into the tech support where I bought all my components he got the computer running and was able to put an XP cd in and I think he was able to get into the setup that way.

    Hopefully all I need to do is find an XP cd and just put it in. Anyone experience this kind of a problem before?
  20. When they putted the CD of windows maybe the installation began intentionally. Installing XP again would fix it.

    Make sure you put on your BIOS, boot from CD-ROM first.
  21. I wish computers were not so difficult like this...

    I finally was able to obtain a copy of XP that worked, and I put it into my CD drive and the computer didn't boot from the CD even when I have my CD-Rom as the first thing the computer checks to run by. I might be the CD, but are there any other possibilities that I could check to make the computer work? Again, the problem is the computer just keeps repeating itself and restarting after I select from the menu of how I want to start.

    It comes to the menu of either wanting to choose Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Network, Safe Mode with Command, Last time it started up, or start windows as normal and I've chosen all these options and all it does it restart the computer and never loads XP.
  22. Blimey- your not having much fun with this are you :)

    In all honesty, it sounds like your xp cd. If the guys at the shop got there version to run- it doesnt sounds like the cd drive.

    A couple of things to check.

    Firstly, if you can, check your xp cd in another computer drive to identify it the cd is ok. If it boots from the disk, then your disk is probably fine.

    Secondly, you say you've selected cd checked-first; I presume you mean youve changed the bios order of boot devices (to cd first). If so good. Some bios versions still require you to 'press any key' when a boot cd is installed; so make sure you can see the full bios display on startup otherwise you may miss the message alltogether (you may need to adjust your monitor settings if you dont see boot post messages).

    If those check out; then the final thing is to have a look in bios at your devices. If you have two devices installed (ie cd & dvd rom), have a look at which is your primary device. It may be that you have your dvd selected as primary (so when you put the cd in, its checking the wrong drive). If all those check out- it could be the cd rom; but Im guessing its not :)

    Oh, and for the record, at one stage I was considering getting a tattoo that said 'dont forget the 4 pin atx connector'- it happens :)
  23. Do you have more than 1 cd-rom drive? maybe dvd-rom? make sure you put boot from the one that actually has the CD in.

    You can also clear the CMOS but I dont know if you know how to do that.

    Also, in the last of the cases u might get 6 diskettes and make the bootable diskettes to start XP which is an untility u can find in the micro$oft site.
  24. you might find this article helpful too:
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