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when i tried to update my profile it shows only few countries on list, is tom hardware dont want others to share their knowledge with people..

& i'm using firefox with No-script addon & i allowed tomshardware site, but when i hit login link it doesn't works .. it allows only after selecting "allow all this page " or "temporarily allow all this page " every time..

how can i fix this
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  1. The country field is private so nobody can see it anyway apart from you. It's not something to really bother about ;)

    As for NoScript, you'll want to whitelist certain servers and not just individual pages. Obviously, but also and probably a few others, but not the ad servers as they aren't needed to run the page correctly.

    EDIT: I just installed NoScript to experiment. Adding both and to the whitelist should get it to work. may not show up due to the 6 or so other servers in the list wasting space, so if you mark them (eg. google-syndication and smartadserver) as Untrusted they won't take up space in the forbid/allow list, so that eventually should show up there allowing you to whitelist it.
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