Anyone here have info on Nvidia 7400 go laptop vid card?

Hello all,

Looking to buy a laptop for work and medium gaming. I have a CD2 system for the serious stuff. I'm looking at a laptop that offers a Nvida 7400 go as an upgrade it says it is a stand alone vid card anyone here with exerence with this card?

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  1. My girlfriend of yester-week had either a 7300 or a 7400 in her HP laptop. She ran Counter-Strike Source "great", according to her perception.
    I didn't actually get to see how the game actually ran. Coming from an X700, she said the difference was profound.

    If you opt for that card, don't expect stellar performance. Plan on adjusting most graphics settings to "Low" or at best, "Medium" for any new titles you might be interested in playing.
  2. Thanks for the reply what about the ati 1400x/1300x any better?
    Also since it is a stand alone grfx card there should be no problem upgrading it to a more powerful one doewn the road right?

  3. I don't think the X1400/X1300 will be any better, no. You could look for benchmarks to verify this though.

    With regards to being able to upgrade at a later point, it depends on whomever you're buying the laptop from.
    By stand-alone you just mean it isn't integrated, right? It's an actual card?
  4. Yes that's exactly what I mean non integrated dedicated graphics card.

    Did a little research myself it turns out nvidia does not sell the geforce go series of cards to the public it is oemed to the various laptop manufactures so getting an upgrade card would be very difficult :(

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