Suggestions Needed: Headphones and CMSS 3d???

I am kind of confused on some things.

The Soundblaster X-Fi sound card has this thing callsed CMSS. Which helps with surround sound with headhpones.


The question I have, what kind of headphones should I get?

Surround sound, or non?

I am not completely familiar with how CMSS 3d works. Some suggestions for good headphones (nothing over 200$ =) and an explanation would be wonderful.

Multiple links would be MUCHO appreciated!
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  1. I looked up the CMSS3d on creatives web site and in short it upconverts MP3s from stereo (2 channels) to surround sound. All headphones should be able to use this. The majority of headphones are simple analog devices and are intercompatible as long as the plug fits.

    On recommendations though: I own 3 pairs of Sennheisers and they are excellent.

    Recommendations (newegg prices)
    Sennheiser HD202 for 20 dollars (my bud got these recently)

    Upgraded abd hughly recommended have em for 3 years is the HD212s
    for 45 bucks

    gtg enjoy
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