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Sharing a blu-ray drive

Hey guys, I was wondering how do I get one Windows 7 computer to share out it's internal blu-ray drive and get another Windows computer to see it as a blu-ray disk instead of a folder? I want to make the shared disk drive be able to auto-play on a remote computer on my network.
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  1. No, that method makes the drive appear as a folder. I want it to show up on other computers as a blu-ray disk, just as it would if it were local.
  2. To restate my question, I simply want to share a blu-ray movie over my network from a Windows 7 desktop to another desktop running XP and PowerDVD 11 Ultra.
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    Powerdvd will not share the drive over a network.
  4. Well, then how do I play a blu-ray movie over my network?
  5. Thanks for the lack of help guys. I will be sure not to refer back to this forum for the rest of my tech questions.
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