Help ! Oveclocking MSI 7900GTO

Ok i have a MSI 7900GTO which I'm trying to OC with Rivatuner. I am using Nvidia's 93.71 drivers.

I know what I'm doing with Rivatuner but for some reason i cant save my clocks. So therefore when I reboot computer it goes back to manufactures clock speeds.

The only other program i have to OC GPU is the Nvidia's program which when clock using that also does the same. I have have also uninstalled Rivatuner and just used Nvidia's program to OC and still it just goes to manufactures speeds.

Any help please on how i can keep my clock speeds on reboot ?
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  1. I use Coolbits to overclock my 7900GTO, there's a button for loading clocks on startup.

    what kind of clocks have you got so far? i've got my core up to 733MHz and memory to 1600MHz...
  2. That another thing what drivers are you using ? i have 93.71.

    I'm getting around 1450mhz and 710mhz. When i clocked at 1500/730 the picture would go all funny on screen after 10 mins , then i would close the window, then it would be fine again.

    I have serious questions with regards 93.71 drivers.
  3. I'm using foreceware 91.47 with the coolbits registry hack.

    your memory should go a lot higher than what your getting, don't expect to get much more than 710Mhz from your core :p
  4. I've gone back to 91.47 and all is fine !!
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