GMX A 2.1 Sub sound not nice anymore....need help asap...

Hi, I just purchased this GMX 2.1 about last week, everything nice and smooth, the bass really nice. but suddenly this morning I realize that the sub sound differently, it still produce a bass but its like a high bass not a low bass, even the music suppose to be producing low bass. even the hole behind the sub which usually blow some air out doesn't blow any air anymore. usually i just need to turn the sub volume about 1/4 from full volume but now even i turn it 3/4 from full its still sound strange,its like not really a bass.....anyone with the same experience? help just 1 week old ...

any help appreciated
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  1. off the top of my head... i can only imagine a few things... is that maybe the sub has an attenuation or volume setting enabled on it, to lessen the effect of the bass output... ...2 is that maybe an audio setting on your system is turned down, try reinstalling the audio drivers on your sound card, or resetting a software setting on your system... ...3 is that maybe some cabling is loose, so you might want to check to make sure all connections are secure, power connections and audio connections, on both your computer, and sound system... even try 'adjusting' the audio cabling around as a song is playing, to see if its not just the cabling that might be faulty, possibly... ...4 is that maybe the sub itself is going bad... hope not anyhow.

    you could even try relocating the 2.1 speakers to a different computer (or other viable audio source) temporarily to see if that changes things at all...

    ...if it does turn out to be going bad, im sure you can take the 2.1 set back to the store for a replacement, if you still have the receipt onhand (depending on the stores return policy also)... ...if you purchased them online however, not too sure really... you might be able to get help from the manufacturer on it, such as with their replacement policy, or RMA service, if they have one... or from the online retailer you purchased it from, possibly.
  2. thanks for the advise... i did try to unplug and then plug all the cable again but it still the same, i did try the speaker with a mp3 player and it is producing the same result ( bad bass),btw today the sub become worst, it start making a humming sound... 8O now i am trying to reinstal my audigy 2 driver. still hoping it can recover ...btw does anyone usually using power stabilizer for the speaker? i heard that klipsch speaker is too fragile with this voltage issue.

    i still got a warranty card, yeah i prob just try asking for an sub exchange.
  3. I just went to klipsch center, and i said that i got problem with my sub, they compare it with the new one and they say nothing wrong until i show them when it play particular song and they admit it whoooo....i got the new sub. :D
    everything working properly now...
  4. very cool :), and youre welcome
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