help!!!!!!!!!! for 8800 gtx and gts

hi my name is dimitris

and i am from greece

i want your help please;;

in greece came some new cards grafigs 8800
the models are

8800 GTX 768MB HTDP
Περισσότερα 525,00 €
8800 GTS 640MB HTDP

8800 GTX 768 MB HTDP
Περισσότερα 599,00 €
8800 GTS 640 MB HTDP

8800 GTS 640 MB

i have one core2 duo 6400

will i have problem with my new pc games
if i take one new card 8800
will i take with 640 mb or 740 mb;;
i dont know for video cards

can you help me please;;

with core 2 duo 6400 and one card 8800
how many years it stands ;;;;

they say in greece that you need core 2 xstreme
me i disagree

can you help me please;;
what i have to do in cristamas;;;;;

what to buy and what not to buy;;;;
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  1. First, you do not need a Core 2 Extreme. E6300/E6400 are totally fine.

    There are few games that even use 512mb of RAM, so this is not a problem.

    If you can afford the 8800GTX, go for it, it's the best card you can get.

    8800GTS is a great card also.

    Both cards will run all games maxed out without problems.

    Either 8800 is good, get the one you can afford.
  2. The 8800GTX is better than the 8800GTS. Both cards are good and DirectX 10 compatible. Like prozac said, if you can afford the 8800GTX, go for it. The GTS will not perform as highly, but it is still better than any other DX9-card offering (i.e., X1900, 7900GTX, etc.).
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