New Build - Blue Screen STOP error -HELP!

Newbie here with my first build complete. Just got it running and I am getting the dreaded blue sceen error. Some kind of STOP error then these codes:

0x000000F4, 0x0000003, 0x89A91A28, 0x89A91B9C, 0x805D1142

It does this once in a while. Like 4 times or so in the past day. And it seems like it always does it sometime when running the Gigabyte CD that came with the MoBo. I didn't even load everything off the disk. I don't want too much stuff on the computer now until I get this figured out.

BTW, when you get these random "blue screens" is that considered Unstable?? If not, what does unstable really mean. Oh, I read somewhere that some people actually changed the ram voltage to fix problems like mine, but I don't know if the were exactly the same problem.

System is AMD AM2 4200+(65W), Gigabyte nForce570 SLI mobo, 2GB Corsair XPS2 DDR2-800, BFG 7600 OC, 2-320GB WD drives in RAID 0, PS is Thermaltake 700W w/ cable management.

Oh, another thing, my mobo has a 4 pin molex connector on the board that says PCI-Ex16. According to the book, that is in case the VC needs additional power. I have PCI-E power cables from the power supply for video cards but mine does not have a spot to plug into. I did not plug in the molex either because I don't know if the card needs it or not and I don't want to fry anything. The card is overclocked from the factory as you can see. Is there any chance this is part of my problems?

If you need any more info let me know, these are the major components.

Thanks in advance for any help, I really appreciate it, I just hope there is an easy fix for this.
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  1. People usually tweak voltages where they are overclocking and need to push more juice to the cpu and/or ram. If you haven't tried to overclock, or haven't altered settings in the bios you should be fine. I know that some Gigabyte boards are assembled with too little juice going to ram and people have to manually increase the voltage.
    You might want to google your mobo/ram to find the correct settings.
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