Upgrading system......is it required?

I am subhadeep from india....
I am a part time gamer , playing games ~10 hrs in a week..... :wink:
In my view I don't need a power house....just want to run games in mid or high-med settings in ~30 FPS.
My system config is
AMD Athlon 64 3500+ venice
MSI K8N Neo4 platinum
2 X 512 MB DDR RAM
160GB HDD sata
XFX 6600Gt 256 MB PCI Express X16
Antec 450w smert pawer 2.0
LG 17" TFT....1024*1080....

PCMARK04 4354

Till now I am not having any problem with new release.......
I am getting decent frame rate in med high settings in various titles.....like COD 2, FEAR, Tomb Raider: Legend, Splinter cell : Chaos Theory etc.....
Now with a new title NFS :Carbon......i am getting a lot of problem. cant get 30 FPS without midlow settings.....

Is it the time to upgrade my system? or that is the bug in game only....
please remember .....I am not a serious gamer......
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  1. That set up is getting to the end of its life as far as future games/programs go, but updating the GPU to a nVidia 7 series or ATI x1800 or 1900 series would probably get you through another year or two since you aren't going for the bleeding edge.

    Everyone wants to jump on the Vista/DX10 bandwagon, but I wouldn't touch it for a year or so until the inevitable MS bugs are worked out.

    The new video card should run you between $150 - 300 us

  2. Thanks friens.
    If I am going for a upgrade which one is better?
    Will I go for a XFX 7600GT or wait to grab a geforce 8 series mid range card.
    Can my PSU can handle those card or i need an upgrade too.
    And what about my RAM? 1GB is OK?
  3. 1gb should be fine, your current psu should support the 7600gt, but you'll need to get a new one if you get a 8800gtx/gts.
  4. In my psy it is written 32 A in 12 rail [dual] & it is 450 w.
    I am not planning 8800GTX or gts ......
    Actually I asked is it warthy to wait for the med range 8 series or will I buy a 7600GT?
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