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Hey guys I got question, I currently have a Asus P5GDC Deluxe LGA 775 Socket motherboard, Im lookin on newegg and I see that these Intel core duo's are socket 775 also.

So I would beable to run a core duo chip in my current P5GDC Deluxe motherboard then? Is there a downside to using an older motherboard like mine with a new core duo chip? Are there "new" features that help with the core duo chip on newer motherboards?

I am looking at

With that being Socket 775 I would beable to run it in my motherboard then?

Thanks for your help

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  1. Try go to this page:

    Hover your cursor over the text Support in the upper left corner then click 'CPU Support'

    On the new site in the search field in the upper left corner write P5GDC Deluxe (don't write Asus) and click the 'Search Info' button.

    Next you get a page with the name of your motherboard. Click that name and you get a list of all supported CPUs.
  2. thanks I figured it out
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