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I got this board directly from intel with a E6300. It's amazingly fast but I have one concern. I have two lights on fans in the back and both of them are plugged into the motherboard. One is into a connection that says Rear, and the other says Aux. The one that is labeled Rear makes the fans blink, regardless of which fan. They light solid then after a few seconds it starts to blink. If I hold the fan it will stay solid, then when the motor tried to restart it blinks again then repeats. Because of this it seems to me that the board is not putting out a lot of power from that port. Could that be the case, and is this a major concern? I want to get it replaced if it's going to go bad possibly.
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  1. The same thing was happening to me. I think the motherboard monitors the temp of the board and if it gets to hot it speeds up the fan and if its cool it slows down the rpm on the fan and in so doing causes the fan lights to blink. The fan light works based on the rpm its working at. The fan needs to be at a constant speed for it not to blink. I fixed this problem by plugging in the fan to a peripheral connector (4 pin for HDD, DVD, etc.). You might need an adapter if your has the small 3 pin connector that fits into the mb. The light should not blink since the power from the peripheral connector is constant.
    hope this helps.
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