Power/Aux Tempurature 115c

115c (239f)
SpeedFan and SiSoft SANDRA both report this temperature. SANDRA identifies it as the "Power/Aux Temperature". This begs the question: at what temperature does PCB spontaneously combust? xD

The "Power/Aux" temperature should be the mosfetts, right? But if they were really running at 115c they would be on fire, right? So this temperature probe on the mobo can be assumed to be broken and more or less safely ignored, yes? What do you think?

If this probe is near the CPU socket it might be my fault it's broken , so I wouldn't necessarily blame it on eVGA. Everything else on the board seems to work fine and my mild overclock was achieved while under volting so I can't complain too much. That temp hasn't really changed from before I OCed it and other temps only went up ~2c between 218mhz and 221mhz.

for those curious I'm currently running:
eVGA NF4 mATX mobo p/n: 131-K8-NF4+AX
s939 x2 4200+ @221x10 1.35v stock HSF (OC not finished yet)
2x512mb DDR400 Mushkin ("value") @442mhz 2.5,5,3,3 2.55v
HIS x1600PRO gfx
Seasonic s12 380w
xqpack case
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  1. I have the same issue with my Gigabyte mobo, there is a temp "reading" somewhere that sits at 79-80* *permanently* i have tried using a massive floor standing fan to blow on the pc while it was on, and to the other extent, overclocked it to 2300Mhz, put all the fans off and the reading was the same, so as from that experiment, i have ignored it and I havent had any problems so far :)
  2. Quote:
    I would have to say you havn't spent the time to configure your monitoing software.
    nope xD

    Does this temp fuxuate at all?

    Yes. Between 110c and 118c. I haven't tested it extensively but it seems to fluxuate accoring to CPU load and OC. So it appears to be measuring *something* but it seems to be off by ~75-90c. Speedfan shows other temps and voltages that don't fluxuate at all, I assumed they are not connected to anything and they didn't show anything outrageous either so I didn't worry about them.

    I have yet to see a motherboard that has a temp diod built into the voltage regulators.
    What do you think "power/aux" is supposed to be then? Speedfan just calls it "temp2", but SANDRA pulls that name out of somewhere. It would be nice to have a temp sensor (that worked) in/near the power regulators....

    Overclocking 1mhz at a time is very slow... but that sensor reading is worrying me.
  3. I cant belive, 115? Really hot... But my POWER/AUX? 1 celsius... When 1 turn on the computer, its 7 celsius, after 1 hours it 3-4, later its 1celsius
    http://kepfeltoltes.hu/080602/1celsius_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_.jpg the picture
    strange no? some has 115 , some has 1-4 ??
  4. you should find out what part that is and use it to hard boil some eggs...

    pop the case open and put a box fan against it and watch the temp. if it goes down more than 15~20c then something is definitely on fire. if its nothing significant the sensor is busted, or at least partially busted. I wouldn't worry about OC'ing if all your other temps look fine. Up the cpu speed 50mhz at a time. till you start crashing after within 5 minutes of running windows. then back it down untill it stabilizes under orthos/prime

    other thoughts: check your bios for the aux temp, see what it says, if it exists. if it does, turn your pc off for an hour and turn it back on and quickly check the temp in bios, if its 60c on the way up to 100c, then post back and ask for advice.
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