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I currently have my computer as a server on UT2k3. My problem is my DSL. I have two DSL modems (1 for each of my computers). So whichever computer I go on, I turn on that computer and that modem. If I create the server, it runs fine. But when I disconnect from the Internet and the server, and restart it, I get a different IP address. So if a player saves my server as a favorite, and then I restart the server, it will not come up, because it works on IP address. Is there a way that I can keep the same IP? Will a DSL/cable router solve this problem? Because then the modem will always be on, and I will always be connected.
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  1. Yeah, if you just get a router that will hook up to your DSL modem then it will never disconnect from the DSL line and hence hold IP address. You will probably have to open a port on the router though for your UT2k3 Server. But that is super easy.
  2. DSL/cable routers will disconnect too 24 hourly (most of the ISPs disconnects you, check your contract).

    What you need is a static IP, can be bought at the cost of some extra money from your ISP. The other solution is a Dynamic DNS service (DDNS), what u can get for example from dyndns.org, or dynu.com, which will assign your ip to something.dyndns.org with a little client program running on the server (Direct Update is a good one). Its free, and works fine, but if your server is memorised by ip, and not by domain name than DDNS wont help you ;)
  3. Yeah, your IP will only hold for 24 hours, but since there is a device attached it will renew itself. And since your already hooked up, the DHCP will give you the same address. It's just like leaving the machine on all the time, except its just a smaller box.
  4. you should be able to do this, just like they said, just leave your computer on for a couple days and see if it retails it's ip address. If it does, you will have no problem with your server. You probably wont even have to open any ports, since you do not really have any incoming connections, because the ut2003 server already is actively waiting for them. But if you do, port 7777 is the ut2003 default. Also, why do you have 2 modems? If you are paying 2 connetions, you would be much better off with a router/switch.
    Tell me the ip so i can play on your server!!
  5. Most of the cases, u get different ip with DSL (well, in my country, and i know some others where its the same) when you got disconnected by your ISP.
  6. Well, to answer your question about the 2 modems. When we first got DSL we had problems with the security system. So they sent us another modem. At the time, my dad had a Macintosh and I had my PC. Recently I built him a PC, so we currently have 2 PC's on the Internet. I do NOT pay for two internet connections. When my dad wants to go on, he turns on his modem. When I want to go on, I turn on my modem. Now that we have 2 PC's on the net, and not a PC and Mac, I can probably get a router. Does anyone know how much it would cost to purchase a static IP from my ISP? I don't have the same IP address everytime I make the server so if I give you an IP, it will be different everytime I reconnect. Sorry man.Thanks.
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