Installing 2nd Graphics card to Mac Pro

Quick question... If I were to install a 2nd graphics card, would it make rendering any faster in AE, Nuke, Final Cut, C4d, Smoke, Etc.? Any benefits?
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  1. well does the motherboard support sli/crossfire? Might be better to just get one good graphics card depending on what you have right now.
  2. I believe there's is no sli/crossfire support on macs. I have GTX 285 in my machine. I have another 285 laying around but before just installing it, I wanted to know if there were any benefits.
  3. Some Mac Pros can certainly use 2 GPUs, but they don't CF/SLI like on PCs.

    What specific Mac Pro model are we talking about here?
  4. Mac Pro (mid 2012)
  5. As you can see here:

    The system will certainly support 2 GPUs (the options for 2 HD5770s is referred to).

    An additional GPU will let you drive more displays, but without CF/SLI I don't think you'll see a rendering boost by adding a second GPU.

    I would pose this question to an Apple forum to get a more definitive response.
  6. Great! Thanks so much for your help!
  7. You are most welcome!
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