New Surfboard or not?

:?: I have a motorola Surfboard modem that is about 4years old. They have 3 models newer than the one I have. I noticed that my modem lists it's upstream at a max of 10Mbps. The newer models list an upstream of 30Mbps. So would it be worth it to get a new one?

Also, what is the life expectancy of a modem that is on 24 hours a day?


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  1. Do you have an internet connection that has a higher upstream than your modem?
    If not i wouldn't buy a 30Mbps modem, also as long as your current modem is working and not giving you problems why buy a new one?

    I don't know about the life expectancy though..
  2. Unless your cable provider is doing DOCSIS 2.0 with QAM64... you won't get 30mbs on the upstream.. stick with what you got.
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