Long time booting up

The following are noted at boot time in Win 7 - 64 bit:

Long time booting up

Hard Drive never stops running until I disable Cybermedia Library service.

Windows Script Host in Event Viewer throws error "There is no script engine for file extension ".vbs" when attempting to use Event Log Online Help.

VBscript works in 64bit IE but not in 32 bit version.

Desktop has to be refreshed manually quite often to see changes.

Long delays when accessing Apache 2.2.17 server for !some! php/mysql data which is less than 2mB- up to 30 seconds!!!

Q: Is there a tool that clearly indicates what is going on with respect to success/failure of OS loads during the boot up and during runtime?

I find all kinds of 'try this' information. I prefer to solve the problem reasonably, without an endless void of 'try this without ever knowing why or worse yet being given incorrect.out of date information. In brief, prefer to be able to maintain the system orderly and to understand why it is held up and/or failing.

Q: How does one best go about an orderly diagnosis that is accurate in Windows? Sure this OS is complex, but there must be some orderly way to start adding services, etc. until a problem exhibits itself - I would gladly spend time to have a smooth running system - just need a solid direction to proceed in!

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