system in basement, user on first floor??

Often thought it would be cool to mount my system in the basement ceiling underneath where I work. I have access directly underneath the desk. I could have all kinds of fans, because noise wouldn't be an issue.
However, I'd need:
an external DVD drive that can have a cable long enough to sit on desk (eSata?)
A long cable for monitor
A homemade box with power/reset buttons and extension to plug in headphones/microphone when gaming.
Anything else? What problems would I have?

Anyone ever do anything like this?
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  1. Probably uber expensive but:
    That's cool stuff


    Can't find price quote but didn't look hard

    Edit" Realised the video card is in the box, so wouldn't cut it for games!
  2. I have 2 systems set up this way:

    In (under) my living room, I have a hometheater PC set up high on a shelf. I feed the vga video cable and coaxial audio cable and USB cable up through the floor to my plasma tv and audio system. I use a Gyration bluetooth keyboard and mouse to operate the system and a USB/FireWire optical drive. Works FLAWLESSY and you would never know there is a PC powering this setup...Wife liked this setup so much that I set up her desktop system similarly.

    For the Desktop system, I routed the wires for the lcd monitor and speakers...(including power) up through the wall and out through a junction box. All that you see in the room is a small desk with a 17" lcd, and a cordless keyboard and mouse.....NO WIRES whatsoever!

    She doesn't have a removable optical drive currently so an occasional trip to the basement is required for sofware installation...
  3. Well, wireless speakers, wireless mouse and keyboard, wireless usb (external 5.25" enclosure for your DVD-drive), and I'm fairly certain I saw a wireless monitor adapter around.

    That solve your problem (although the radiation will probably sterilize you in a couple of months, not to mention the cost of all the periphials)...
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