Crucial Ballistix 2gb ddr500 settings please


I just bought a 2gb kit of Corsair Ballistix ddr500 pc4000 ram

I have an amd x2 4400 overclocked to 2.645ghz. and amd a8n-e motherboard

in CPU-z here are my settings

CAS: 3 clocks
Ras to Cas delay: 3 clocks
Ras precharge 3 clocks
cycle time 8 clocks
bank cycle 22 clocks
command rate 2T
Dram idle timer 16 clocks.

is that everything it should be?


amd x2 4400 @2.747
1gb generic ddr400
x800 gto2 @ 850xtpe SOON TO BE X1900XTX 512mb
asus a8ne s939
2x400gb sata 2 seagate
24 dell 2407wfp
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  1. anyone?
  2. Well, what do the specs of the memory say it should be?
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