Dsl connection problems

Ive recently built my first pc and cant seem to get it to connect to the net and dont have any idea what else to do

ive tried the connection wizzard and doesnt work when i look at the connection properties it shows that is sends packets but doesnt receave any response

when ive set it up with the connection wizzard ive tried with the settings for the connection is always on and with use username and password to connect

after a while of trying i thought maybe the onboard lan wasnt working so i got a ethernet card and still get the same thing keep getting an error that it doesnt get a response can anyone please help with some ideas on what to do

i know the connection works fine because my old pc gets on the net no problem just the new pc doesnt seem to be able to connect

connection :verizon dsl
op :windows xp home
dsl modem :westell dsl modem
mobo : asus k8n nf3-250
process:amd 3000+ athlon 64
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  1. If you have any firewall software loaded, disable, till connection is working.
    Check to see if windows firewall has the port locked down. Some MB have a built in firewall, see if its got your internal locked down.

    If you are going through a router, you may need to clone your MAC Address (the one used to set the dsl up) into the router.

    From your port connection check to see if it has a valid IP, gat and DNS settings.
  2. Are you using a router to connect PPPoE? Most DSL uses that so I'm guessing you're either doing 1 of 2 things:

    Connecting with the included software for PPPoE authentication
    Configuring the router to connect via PPPoE.
  3. WELCOME TO MY WORLD.......A week ago i tryed to do a Verizon update ...then lost conection...found out it wiped out my IP Adress....still not hooked up.....I feel your pain.......sorry...no good advise :(
  4. Hey check out my question above yours...NO IP ADRESS??? My buddy Folken helped me out...maybe this will help you?!?!?! Been a long week workin on my puter .....but Im back in the saddle again.....GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
  5. check with ur ISP.
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