best way to hook up multiple input to Dell 3007

I know the major weakness of this monster is its lack of input option, but the new redeuced price is just too inresistable and it is now on the way to my home. I game on PC most of the time anyway so it is not a show stopper.

However, I do watch TV and play on console. I am using a Sharp Aquos 26 inch, and I can do all this without any trouble. It is the low solution of it (1366x768) that drives me away from it...

So what is the best way to watch TV and play on console using this monster? TV Tuner box with VGA output is out of question because it has only one DVI port, and there exist no TV Tuner Box which has Dual Link DVI-D Output....Even there exist one I would also need to buy a DL DVI switch which is uberly expensive, unless I can contend with switch it manually

Capture card is another way but there is no affordable one with component input, and I really don't want to connect my PS2 thru composite or s-video....

And for next gen console, XBox 360 support VGA output...can I use a VGA-DVI adapter? or I need a Analog-Digital converter as this monster support digital input only? But this device will be uberly expensive... and I also need a DL DVI switch.....

And PS3.... it support HDMI, BlackMagic just come out will a HDMI capture card, but seem there are issue concerning it HDCP funtctionalities....If I am not going to watch any protected media on PS3, can I use it to game at 1080i thru my PC (as this capture card does not support 1080p...shame...)? or can I use HMDI to DVI adapter? But again I need a switch....

and I see someone mentioned that most capture card will incur a 0.5 second delay, which render most console game unplayable......
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  1. But none of the box support DVI input, let alone the Dual-Link DVI-D input that is required by my Dell 30". Even I accept to some cable swapping, I am not sure if all these box can be supported by my Dell 30", because all of them have analog output, even I use a VGA - DVI adaptor, I bet nothing will be shown on screen.... to solve that I may need a true VGA to DVI-D *converter*, which will cost me another 300 dollars....
  2. and none of these boxes accept component input.... if analog TV box is indeed supported by my Dell 30", I will buy this one:
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    All you need is one of these boxes and a VGA to DVI adabter to go from the box to the monitor. Then you hook in a video/game selector box to the tuner box that will allow you to togel between game systems.

    I need someone who have real experience on Dell 30" and TV box to tell me the way to go before I do anything, because I really doubt if my Dell 30" would accept an analog VGA signal, without any A-D converting...
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    Does that one have a VGA input and output?

    frankly do you understand the difference between VGA, DVI-A, DVI-I, DVI-D, and Dual-Link DVI? If not we are wasting each other's time.

    My Dell 30" requires Dual-Link DVI-D to show 2560x1600 res. If Dual-Link signal is not available, It can accept normal DVI-D signal to show 1280x800... these are the only res that this Dell can support, as it has not internal scaler

    Then my questions are, what will happen if plug in a analog signal to my Dell? And What will happen if I really buy a Analog-Digital converter, but only capable to output normal DVI-D signal, but not Dual-Link? Will there be black bars, or no image at all?
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    I still think you would be better off buying an LCD TV instead and avaoid all these exstra problems.

    you suggest me to give up my new dell 30" which is only 3 days old? come on :)
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