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I am looking for a "value" PSU for a new PSU, my £33 ($60) case came with one but I imagine it will blow up my house.

I am thinking about this one:

Its a Trust PowerMaster 570W Pro PSU Dual Fan PW-5500.
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  1. Motherboard: Foxconn P4M8907MA-KRS2H [MICRO DIRECT] [£34]
    Processor: Intel Pentium® D 945, 3.40 Ghz, 2x2 MB Cache [EBUYER] [£95]
    Case: Paragon Mini ATX Tower Case with 400w PSU - Black& Silver [RL SUPPLIES] [£33]
    Memory: 512MB DDR2 PC5300 667MHZ BRAND SYNCMAX [COCC] [£34]
    GPU: SAPPHIRE RADEON X300 128MB PCI-e DVI TV-out [EBAY] [£21]
    Fan: Antec TriCool Blue Fan – 80mm [RL SUPPLIES] [£7.79]
    Internal System Fan 8cm 3pin DFS802512L [MICRO DIRECT] [£1.76]
    Zalman Passive NorthBridge Cooler ZM-NB47J [MICRO DIRECT] [£3.88]
    Arctic Freezer 7 Cooler Pro (LGA775) [£22.18]
  2. I'm sceptical as to whether or not it's a good PSU. I also tried to find some information on how many amps it puts out on its various rails and found NOTHING.

    Usually if you can't find that kind of info, it is because the maker doesn't want you to find it.....
  3. Nope.

    That one is only putting out 15amps on the +12v rail.

    Your system isn't a HUGE power eater, but I'd still want at least 24amps on the +12v rail(s).

    Go here:

    and calculate how many watts you will need, then pick a psu with at least 24amps on the +12v rail.
  4. They're a bit pricy, I have used up most of my budget so have around £20 ($40) - £30 ($60), although I will try scrape some more up.

    The PSU calculator said arounmd 270, so anything above 300 should probably be fine.

    Hows this, its an Antec - so not a complete unknown brand.
  5. How would these stats be:
    +3.3v = 26 amps
    +5v = 29 amps
    +12v(1) = 14 amps
    +12v(2) = 15 amps
    -12 = 0.6 amps
    -5v = 0.6 amps
    +5vsb = 2 amps

    I checked my old PSU, the "free" case one and it output 20A on the 12v and was a rather unknown make (Win Power).
  6. The Antec Basiq 350 would definitely be pushing the minimum, the 14a/15a seems to be a typical 400w rating so that one should do the trick.

    It is close to this Akasa 400W PaxPower unit that seems to be popular over there (across the pond) and not a bad deal for £35/41 from aria...
  7. OK, thanks.

    I also have one other in mid:

    Its a Sansun 450W, it seems to have solid reviews (on the shopping site and other reviews I found).
  8. I could not find a lot of details for that "true 450" model but if that is the same as their Arctic 450W "SN-450W" then you may have found a decent, cheap unit. Here is a review from techpowerup on the SN-450W model it did not do badly at all. I really have to get some high-power resistors like that, would be nice to have a static load to put on a unit for measurements prior to installation 8)

    My next suggestion was going to be an Antec EA380GB 380W for £33/39, it's 80%+ PFC and should be better than the basiq...
  9. If you are not OCing, I'd suggest you remove the Zalman chipset cooler and the Arctic Freezer from the list and add that money to your PSU budget.
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