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This G7/SteelPad S&S worked great for about the first three weeks and after that the mouse is just not what it used to be. Sometimes the mouse will freeze for about five seconds... Sometimes the pointer moves chopped up and slow like the mouse is being moved too fast.
Things I have tried:
#Battery, Q-tip, restart, etc..
I can't really remember a single good Logitech experience so I have put off getting Z-5500 speakers for my next computer. Made in China..

Thanks in advance...
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  1. If fresh batteries and a good cleaning didn't work, either your receiver isn't oriented properly or there is RF/EMI interferring with your signal. You may also want to try updating the drivers. Not all drivers play nice with other drivers. Corded mice have a lot fewer problems - no weak batteries or RF/EMI to worry about.
  2. I unplugged the keyboard receiver and it didn't help my problems. I don't see how drivers can cause these problems because the mouse worked fine until about two weeks ago. I click that update button all the time and it doesn't find any.


    I restored the program buttons to defaults and the mouse for some messed up reason is working normal and I can zip it around faster than I would ever need it to go.
    Ty for your time/help though :)
  3. I like my Razer Diamondback immensely. The copperhead's buttons are a bit too low for me. The G5... one side button doesn't really float my boat, same thing with the G7, not to mention wireless mouse isin't really that big of a plus.


    This I want though =)

    Edit: Check this pic out, I love apple stores promoting MS products!

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