Arctic Freezer 7 Pro

What are your opinions on this?

It will go in a case with two 8cm fans (3 with PSU), a Zelman chipset heatsink.

The CPU is a Pentium D 945, which I may overclock.
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  1. That HSF is one of the best ones for it's price. As long as your not planning on doing anything extreme, it should work fine...

    However, 2 8CM fans are kind of skimpy...
  2. I have an AC Freezer 7 Pro and am incredibly impressed with it's performance. My room is cool, but it keeps my D805 @ 3.8 at 47C under load. @ 4.0Ghz it climbs to 51-52C due to the increased voltage.

    I would recommend getting a little more exhaust in your system, but give the two 80mm's a try and see how your temps are.

    A good way to test if extra intake/exhaust is needed is to record all temps under load and at idle in normal conditions. Then take off the side panel and do it again. If there is a dramatic drop in load temps on the cpu (~10C) you will be needing a way to get more intake/exhaust.
  3. The case only has two 8cm fittings, so I'm not sure how I could go about getting more air flow.

    I know it has a side panel which might help, but as luck would have it - it will be pushed up against a cupboard - I might need to change the desk to solve that.
  4. Ah... come on... there is one easy way to get more airflow with 8CM fans...

    Vantec Tornado...

    2 of those and the inside of your case will be a veritable tornado =P

    Loud as one too.
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