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my room is not all that big, and am going to buy a xbox 360 soon and i was wondering what would be better a hd/normal projector or an HD tv?

i`ve got 500 pound at the most too spend.

what are the advantages and disadvantages from a projector-hd tv ?

and are projects not a bit loud iswell with the fan spining ?

and what makes a good projector.

i`ll proberly use it also to play games on my pc if u can hook it up to it
Thanx for your time
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  1. I have a DLP projector at home and it's great for games the resolution i run it at is 1280x1024 but i think it goes higher, its great for watching movies i have it about ten feet away from my wall and the screen is 9 feet by 7 feet, the only thing you when you want to play games you'll have to do it in the dark, i think there cool. my girlfriend i getting me an xbox 360 for christmas(i wouldn't buy one) and i was thinking about just using it on my 19'' monitor/projector rather than forking out on a HDTV with the unbelievably high resolution of 1280x720
  2. If you buy a DLP, try to see that model in operation before you buy. Some people see rainbows due to the color wheel method used in all but the most hideously expensive DLP's. Some people see them, some people don't but best to be sure before you spend a lot of money. Consider picking up a spare bulb as well, I've heard a lot of horror stories about bulb failure.

    And seanie, your DLP probably doesn't do 1280 x 1024 natively. I've never heard of consumer-level DLPs like that - the only ones I found weighed 40-50 pounds, and/or cost tens of thousands of dollars. It's probably 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 native.
  3. the biggest thing about projectors is BULB LIFE and their cost. they dont last all that long.
  4. They sell 1080p projectors that weigh around 10 lb's for about 5-6k right now... projectors have come a long way...

    1920x1080... thats some nice resolution

    But of course, if you only have 500 bucks (pounds...) ... then your kinda limited... I would go with a HD TV because projectors cost a bit more than the TV's, and you need other stuff (Screen, speakers, etc...)

    But if you had the money, or there is a real good deal, then I would get the projector. Just because it looks better in a room.
  5. But who would run a 1920 x 1080 projector at 1280 x 1024? Who, I ask you? WHO? Kidding, I know there are reasons.

    Seriously, if he paid for 1080p and isn't actually sure that it goes higher than 1280 x 1024, he's got too much damn money. Most people with any sort of limitation on their money would have done enough research into what they were buying to know for sure.

    And I didn't say 1080p projectors didn't exist, nor that they were as expensive as the native 1280 x 1024 models I looked up. I was talking specifically about the ones with a 1280 x 1024 DMD, not a 1920 x 1080 DMD being partially used to show 1280 x 1024.
  6. Here is the spec for the projector i have you were right about the native resolution Notapimecone whats the difference between running above its native resolution.
  7. Hmmmmm.. shrug, dunno why you would even bother getting a 1280x1024 native when you can get a 1920x1080 native for much cheaper prices anyways. If the projector can handle the rez, than might as well use it, I'm fairly certain the XBOX260 will either output 1080p or up-rez it to that. Anyway's, it's way too expensive for him right now.

    As for running something at a higher resolution than it supports, I'm assuming what it does is something akin to interlacing (like how a 720 progressive display can display 1080 interlaced).. but there are problems here:
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