Which home router is best?

I have an old Linksys 802.11b with IP forwarding and a firewall that works sometimes.

what is best to replace it?

Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, other.

Looking for mainly 802.11 b/g - maybe 802.11n.
For a small home network.

I am looking for easy to install & find drivers-Firmware.
IP Forwarding and firewall that works well.
Fast and strong signal, no dropping.

Nice if it had a cable and DSL modem built in.
Also had VOIP connected to real phones.

Or just wait for 802.11n ????

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  1. Some of SBCYahoo DSL routers use a 2wire device, Stay away from them, he went through 3 in 6 weeks. Not very good units. I don't like all in one package. you are tying your self down, not upgradeable. Personaly I would stay away from the 11n. As with the 11g, those mfg before the final will not work with the final spec.

    As for wireless every case is different.

    I use a seperate AP (USR 5450 AP) which allow me to locate it for the best coverage. It has 5dbi gain antennas, where router are only 2dbi. With USR's PCMCI card I can cover my whole house on low power. A range of 50 ft going through 4 walls, and not drop on connection speed (125mbps).

    As for a wireless router I generally Install USR, Linksys, SMC, D-Link. They all work. I think D-link is the cheapest, and works fine.

    If you have a wireless card in your LT , most are poor. I have found the PCMCI card are 5 time better, than built ins. If you got one that has performed good, try to get the same brand. You will get better performace, if you don't mix brands/chip sets.

    Bottom Line ONE THAT WORKS
  2. I completely agree with what you have stated, however after doing a few network tests between D-Link and Linksys, I have found in my area that the few extra bucks for Linksys seems to pay off. Linksys seems to drop less packets, maintains a faster connection speed and have the greatest compatability between chipsets. However, like you said, use whatever works best in your area. As they say: warning - Your results may vary.
  3. I would stay away from wireless N for a little while longer. It hasn't been finalized yet and there were some major changes betwen the two draft versions that have been released so far. I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two more before it's finalized or skipped, but that's my opinion.

    As fra as routers go... Linksys or Dlink
  4. I have a similar question. Have a Linksys WRT 54GL router that continually disconnects and reconnects (mesage given in Netmagic). Doesn't seem to affect the desktop but the laptop freezes requiring closing IE and reopening new window. This can happen every 5 minutes. Sometimes, not as often, very frustrating. Bad router? Have tried every channel 1,6,11 and disconnected all the phones with no help. Ideas? I have charter cable thru a Linksys modem.
  5. What is your physical layout (location of router, location of computers, distance, obstructions, walls, floors, furnace / HVAC ductwork, etc.)?

    What signal strength are you getting at the computers?

    What version of Windows is on your laptop?

    Are you using vendor utilities or Windows Zero to connect to the wireless?

    Do you have encryption enabled?

    Have you downloaded the latest firmware for your router?

    Since you have the "L" version, have you hacked the Linux code or loaded anything other than factory code?
  6. Pysical Layout: Cable modem/Router are in basement in center of home approx 2 feet away from an open stairwell. Desktop is one floor up, approx 45-50 feet from Router (gets 98% quality signal, 50-60% normal to good signal, 0 - 10% intermittent noise). Signal goes thru floor, couple of walls. Laptop is located directly above router, gets 100% excellent signal). Laptop is 1 month old HP6000T running XP Pro, SP2. Desktop is running XP Home SP2. Encryption is TKIP-AES (which I believe is WPA2??). I have NOT downloaded any firmware updates for this router (requires hard connection?? which requires moving my PC downstairs. I know, pain, but can do it if necessary... I have not hacked any codes, router is at factory settings. I set it up using net connection which gave what looked like vendor utilities and then adjusted the settings.

    I also have a Linksys cable modem. When looking at the two units, the easy set button on the router is always "lit" backlighted. The modem has the same button but is not backlighted...??? I could not find any documentation if this is correct or not??? While posting this note, Netmagic has shown the connection lost and regained several times...
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