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need help with hard drive choice.

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November 20, 2006 3:42:31 PM

hi, i am looking to buy some hard drives. is western digital a good make? i was looking to get about 320Gb. is it better to buy the one 320Gb or is it better to have two 160Gb drives. are these hard drives any good. what is the difference between the western digital raptor hard drives and the ordinary ones. i use my pc mostly for gaming. the rest of my specs are:
core 2 duo e6600
evga 8800GTX
evga nforce 680i

any help will be much appreciated, thanks, albo

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November 20, 2006 6:11:36 PM


Well, only because Seagate has a 5-yr warranty, the best in the buisness, so when possible they get my vote. Western Digital however, is an excellent manufactuer also. Their HDD's are the quietest and coolest (not by much, but meh) and perform decently well. So good choice there.

I would get the new 320 gig since they have PMR technology which makes them slightly faster than older drives.

WD Raptors spin at 10,000 RPM, standard HDD's spin at 7200 RPM. The faster spinning increases data transfer and lowers seek rates (good things) but you pay quite a bit more for the extra premium. I think most people don't need it, but if you have the money to burn...

You didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyways. Raid 0 is useless for gaming (well, not useless, but not that helpful). It will help your sustained throughput, but your seek times actually increase a bit. So loading large levels and windows will help a bit, but thats about it.
November 20, 2006 7:09:21 PM

The storage subsystem is the slowest bottleneck in today's fast computer systems. Hard core enthusiasts will spare no expense, opting for three or even four SCSI 15k RPM drives in RAID0 on a high end cached PCI controller card. If you've ever witnessed the astonishing performance such a configuration provides to enhance the overall speed and responsiveness of fast, high end computer systems, it's a jaw dropping experience that'll make you a believer in solutions for the hard drive bottleneck issue.

However, it's extremely expensive, and for the vast majority of us, cost prohibitive. I chose the somewhat more affordable solution of twin SATA 10k Raptor 150's and configured them on Intel RAID0, based strictly upon achieving the goal of gaining as much raw speed as possible for the investment. But whatever your budget allows for, buy a pair of anything, and put them in RAID0.

This will cut your boot times nearly in half, open bloatware in a snap, perform defrag and virus scans faster, and execute any hard drive intensive process in much more quickly. Just make sure to also provide yourself with a means to back everything up.
November 20, 2006 7:14:45 PM

thanks for the help guys