Wife says i am a video game addict

Just bought my new i7 gaming rig and installed games to the gills and playing them .. now my wife says i am a video game addict. I feel i shouldn't have bought the pc at all. Is really i am an addict ? I have stopped playing games totally now. How to make her understand that this is a new pc it will take me time to get over it ?

.. gaming was the reason we agreed to buy this machine in the first place.

How are your wives ? What do they think about u playing pc games ?
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  1. Lol i got the same problem, tell her to let you play on your free time :D but also have time with her because i know sometimes you can be on for hours and not know untill you hear them nagging and complaining hahaha :D but yea she thinks the same says im on it all time but its hard to get off sometimes when there is nothing to do. But maybe watch something with her spend some time and then go and do ur gaming so she wont be like you never spend time with me anymore =)).
  2. Yeah man..i am getting the feeling (married 5 years now) that wives are a lot like income tax :) U pay ur taxes and be happy. Otherwise ...
  3. really guys don't be idiots, if you have to compare your wife to taxes you shouldn't be married and get off your asses, don't give the excuse there's nothing to do. Do something ridiculous, do something boring, do something adventurious! Go bowling, bring her to a movie get busted making out in the park rent a convertable and picnic in the country. They aren't going to care what it is if you make time to spend with them, but they may leave you if you sit on your asses married to video games talking about you're lovers(wife, remember when you couldn't keep you're hands off her? She's probally wondering why it's not like that anymore) like they're as bad as taxes. What are you? Don't you wonder what she's saying about you I bet it's not pretty.
  4. I got my wife into playing games with me. We played WoW for over two years, and had a lot of fun doing it. We now have a child and one on the way, and don't have too much time for playing together. I still play when I get a chance.

    /Just played through Uncharted 2. Awesome Game!
    /Now playing Boarderlands. Tons of Fun!
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