Same system cloning and activation question?

I have a question. I just upgraded my XP system to Win 7 home premium 64bit. But after I installed it, I realized that the my HD is pretty old and may go out soon. So I ordered a new HD and it should be here in a few days. What my question is is this. I know I can clone my current installation and copy it to the new HD, but will I have to reactivate win 7 if it is cloned to the same system?
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  1. Sometimes!
  2. It seems you have found the best way to upgrade your old hard disk. I think you are thinking too much to worried about the reactivate thing. If you are required to reactive your Windows 7 after upgrading, what the benefit to use a cloning software? So don't worry about this, you just need to find a suitable cloning utility to do this in case of any data loss happening. easeus todo-backup free is a combination of the cloning and backup. you can upgrade your hard disk and also use it to backup your crucial data. Like it, just try it. it's free
  3. if you clone it and dont change the other hardware you don't need to reactive

    i did this myself a while ago, you will never need to reactivate a clone if you dont change the hardware because windows treats it as if you havent turned your computer on since then
  4. Use a good disk cloning and backup software like Acronis True Image, and you don't need to worry about reactivating.
    Re-Activation is only needed for major hardware changes like a new motherboard, and even then, it is no big deal, unless of course you are using an OEM version of Windows.
  5. Its all tied to the hardware ID generated by windows, any change in that then yes you will be asked to activate it, but its not a hard process to do this anyway
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