S939 upgrade

I want to do one last upgrade in the socket 939 segment.
With such interesting prizes :P
But should i buy an X2 or an opteron single/dual core.

Who can give me a hint :wink:
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  1. I would go with the.... X2 , But also what is wrong with your Cpu now?
  2. The Opterons are more stringently fabricated, tested and binned as server / workstation class processors, than are the X2 desktop CPU's, and as such, will run cooler at a lower voltage than the X2's. The 2.0Ghz Opteron 170 is statistically the best selection, often achieving a 50% overclock at ~3Ghz. The 1.8Ghz 165 is the best value OC'ing at ~ 2.7Ghz, but the 170 will typically scale up highest. I had a 170 in my previous rig, (running my present Zalman 9500 cooler), and it was an excellent CPU. I ran it at 3.0 and when gaming, and 2.8 for typical use.

    The 170 is a Toledo core with 1Mb cache per core, and is essentially a dual core San Diego, which is an excellent core, and probably the best 939 core AMD has produced. The 3700 that you have is an outstanding performer, and would be my only choice, as well as many other overclockers, for an AMD single core. The only X2's I would consider are the 4400 & 4800, as they are also Toledo cores with 1Mb cache per core. I highly recommend the 170 as a cost effective FX-62 equivalent. You can't go wrong with it.
  3. Nice setup. I'm in a similar situation running an Athlon 64 3800+, and feeling more than a little left out of the dual core party. I'm thinking about the X2 4200+ or 4600+. It's too bad that AMD moved on the the AM2 socket.
  4. if you want to upgrade to a dualcore , now is the time.
    they are dissapearing fast.

    as said before the 3700 is great but an x2 or opty would be the
    way to go for future proofing your computer.

    new egg is just about completly out of x2,s but have a good listing
    of opty,s.
  5. Ditto w/ 3700.
  6. If you are going to overclock your system, go after Opteron. If not go after X2 with 512kB of L2.
  7. If you are going to overclock your system, go after Opteron. If not go after X2 with 512kB of L2.
  8. I think if he needed a gaming upgrade a new video card would help a lot more than another gig of ram.

    For the price of an opty 170 you could pick up a Asus x1950pro.
  9. Stick with what you have dude!
  10. I wouldn't invest in a single core at this time. More applications and games will be coming out which will make good use of a dual core. Also, a dual core helps out at times when you are trying to do multiple things at once.

    I've had my X2 4400+ up to 2860 in air with only a slight heat problem. I have a new cooler on the way to fix that. I've read that some people have gotten very close to 3 gig on it. That said, if you get a high enough Opty dual core, I think you can do better yet. Sure beats getting a FX at the price they cost.
  11. Yeah, I've had my 3700+ up to a little over 3.0 (3050 or something was my highest I think). I want to go for a dual core opty, but I think if I was going to upgrade I would go for a full C2D system.
  12. Upgrading to a dual core will have different effects depending on what you do mostly on your PC ~

    I upgraded from a highly overclockable A64 - 3200 (2.0 > 2.9GHz watercooled) to a 4200 X2 (not overclocked) and I've experienced performance gains. As I do more video editing (Premiere / TMPGEncoder), Photoshop and 3DMax, the performance gain was expected.

    In the gaming area, I play a lot of Need4Speed Underground / Carbon, Half Life, Serious Sam 2, Call of Duty, etc. and I see no improvements or degradation with a dual core CPU, probably more video card dependent.

    However, I'd still recommend upgrading to a dual core for your S939 platform, I already had trouble getting a dual core S939 CPU in September and it is likely that AMD will start to phase out production on these S939 CPUs. At these prices, you cant really complain!!!

    In regards to a X2 or a dualie Opteron, the 165s and 170s have both dropped in price, they are good options if you can get your hands on them. Otherwise, X2s will perform just as well at the same clock speeds so you cant go wrong with either option!!!

    Good luck ~~~
  13. I'd invest in single core chips if one: I was on a spartan budget, or two: I was a cheap bastard. But thats just me.
  14. Quote:
    I'd invest in single core chips if one: I was on a spartan budget, or two: I was a cheap bastard. But thats just me.

    Ond: I don't have a spartan budget, and two: I'm not a cheap type. But that's just me. I am looking forward to the FX76 with the 3.2 gig speed though. Oh, but that's just me. Besides, it good for my AMD stock.
  15. I really think he should just wait another year before deciding on an upgrade. His current system is not that bad. A new video card would breathe some life back into it.

    In a year dual core will be well established/supported, we will see what quad core will do, Vista will be out, and the new DX10 cards will be out in full force. And the best part is the prices will probably be lower.
  16. I also have the Athlon64 3700+ and was considering going to dual core.

    Instead, I upgraded to 2Gb of ram, and overclocked my CPU to 3.75Ghz (almost a FX57). HUGE performance difference.
  17. Quote:
    I upgraded to 2Gb of ram, and overclocked my CPU to 3.75Ghz (almost a FX57). HUGE performance difference.

    damn 3.75ghz is pretty good 8O
  18. As far as the video card goes, you're right in that it would help. As far as the cpu goes, in a year there might not be very many choices to make for a 939 socket. Its a toss up of sorts, but he asked about upgrading the cpu as one last upgrade to his present machine. Of the choices he listed, I think that either the X2 or a dual core Opty would be best. Video cards and ram will be there for a long time.

    As for prices in the future, they could just as well be higher. Only the future knows that for certain.
  19. Quote:
    I also have the Athlon64 3700+ and was considering going to dual core.

    Instead, I upgraded to 2Gb of ram, and overclocked my CPU to 3.75Ghz (almost a FX57). HUGE performance difference.

    If comparing to a FX57, did you mean 2.75 Ghx? If you do mean 3.75GHZ, you outdid anybody else that I ever heard of.
  20. Ditto! He must have meant 2.7

    Yea if the guy is a hard core gamer he should upgrade, if not he should wait. I can't imagine that single core cpu's will be obsolete in a year. A lot of people are still using their old pentiums and AMD Athlon XP's and keeping it Krunk :wink:

    I have my LAN party machine (my main rig stays home) It is an athlon 1700+ overclocked to 1.8 with one gig ram and a 6600GT agp card. That is more than enough to play BF2 at 1280x1024 on medium to high settings once a month at a LAN.

    And if I drop it and it breaks................who cares!
  21. 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O OOOOPS!!!!!!!! 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O

    You guys are (of course) correct in that I typo'd there. I did not OC my 3700+ to 3.75Ghz. It is 2.75Ghz.

  22. still good oc though.

    i got mine to 2710mhz. no vlt bump though.
  23. Kind of going off topic here, but you could probably go higher if you get different ram, or use a divider so your ram is not being overstressed. These 3700+ cpus are great overclockers. Mine is stable at 30c (45c full load) on stock cooling. I am sure I could go even higher with 3rd party cooling but I am happy with 2.75Ghz.
  24. for ram i have corsair xms.
  25. I run my 3700 @ 2.94 for my every day use. I had to move the voltage up one increment, but it still stays quite cool (47C under load). The only problem with my OC is that I am using crappy Kingston Valueram. So I am using a mem divider and its now running @ 187 instead of 200. I did lower the timings from their horrible stock settings (something like 3-3-3-11 2T) to 2.5-3-3-6 1T. System was prime stable for 16 hours, and I managed to get my superpi 1M score from 39s down to 29s, good enough for me!
  26. Ok. First, thanx for the info you all :wink:
    I know I've got a great processor. But he's not that great as other san diego's. I had to the inrease the voltage almost to the max. To become the next results. Here are some screen's...

    But i wanna do an upgrade to a dual core because the s939 ( end-of-life ) are
    very cheap at this time. And slowly more programs are gonna use 2 cores.
    It's the future. Both AMD and Intel are taking the dual core way.
    I know, probably i'm better of with a better videocard. Maybe a next upgrade.
    PCI videocards are not end of life.
    I think it's gonna be the 170 Opteron.
  27. Sounds good. Good luck!
  28. That Opty should do you fine. Happy computing.
  29. Your right about the timing of your upgrade but I think you are a little late for an Athlon. I watched the prices for too long also and a lot of the dual core AMD's dissapeared.

    At one point (about a month or two ago) the 3800+X2 was down to $150.00 on new egg and now you can't find it. Then they started going back up in price. The Opteron's are still around and still reasonablly priced.
    I guess people don't realize they can use them in their systems and that is why they are left.

    I have seen this cycle over several years when prices drop and you wait to long (thinking they will drop more) and then they go back up. I know I have kicked myself a couple of times when I missed a good deal on a video card or CPU.

    I wish I had picked up an 939 X2 when they were much cheaper but at this point I am gonna stick with my single core cpu. I just do moderate gaming so it won't make that much difference for me.
  30. I also have a 939 board (ASUS A8V). When I built the system 2 years ago, thought I had done a good job of selecting for future upgrades. At that time, some people were scoffing at PCIe saying it was just a passing fad, so I went with AGP - lol. Finally getting around to the upgrade last week and was able to order a 4400+ Toledo from TD. I was looking for the lower power and larger L2 cache. Just checked today and they're gone but Newegg still has them listed.

    Maybe I'm being a little bullheaded about upgrading but really feel I can get a few more good years out of this A8V mobo. Just ordered a couple sticks of 1g ram to put me up to 3g. My rig is multi use so I certainly feel dual core is worth it.

    If you're going to go dual core without springing for an Opteron or switching to an AM2 board and DDR2 RAM, you'd better act fast.
  31. I have one of those AsRock boards so I was able to upgrade from AGP to PCI express fairly easily since it has both slots on the board. The board will support the dual core 939 and also has a slot for an upgrade board that allows you to put in an AM2 cpu and DDR2.

    Right now it is running a single core 3800+

  32. Damn...

    It looks like the 170 opteron is out of sale.
    Almost all shops have him listed as unknown stock status.
    I'm from Belgium. Is there anyone who knows a shop???
    Or an other option :?
  33. Well, you could always try for a 175, or even a 180 or 185. Other than that, I can't suggest much, unless you can try Newegg.
  34. I'm giving my S939 system a little boost. My situation is a little different because I currently have an Athlon 64 3200+. I have purchased from NewEgg for $225 an Athlon 64 X2 4600+. I wanted to get the 4400+ because it has 1MB x 2 cache, but it was selling for too much and many retailers don't have them anymore. AMD decided to stop making it's 1MB x 2 cache parts because the yields were higher on smaller cached chips (one of the few negative results from the Intel price war).
  35. You have any friend or family in the US. If so New Egg would be the way to go.
  36. They are also in stock in many Canadian stores as well (just saw somebody purchase one yesterday actually).
  37. i was thinking of the same thing, try to keep the 939 till after school. i have looked at the opty 170 and the fx-55. what do u guys think would be better. i would use it for gaming (not hardcore), ripping dvds and interwebs. i have always thought an fx would be cool, but i would like to hear what u guys have to say
  38. Yess

    I've ordered one. An Opteron 170.
    I bought one in Holland. And the order is approved.

    To be continued ;)
  39. Yess i've got my opteron 170. And it's a good one :D

    I will soon test my new baby :P :wink:
  40. Sweet, good luck!
  41. I am also thinking of upgrading my 939 system and had planned on buying a X2 4800. My trouble was I delayed too long before buying and now they all seem to be sold out, or the ones that are priced sensibly, anyway.
    I have now found available Opterons which seem reasonably priced but am unsure which one would be best.

    Opteron 180 Denmark Core @ around £200 (available 12 Dec 06)
    Opteron 185 Venus core @ around £280 (available now)
  42. Do you happen to know if Opterons are supported by ALL 9939 motherboards; I want to go dualcore but have a crapy A8V-MX with VIA K8M800 chipset and newegg is out of everything but 4600+ and it's just too expensive for me to be coupled with this board.
  43. @ m25
    It looks like your motherboard supports Opteron CPU with the appropriate bios update.
    If they're available, an Opteron 165 or 170 should offer dual core cheaper than a X2- 4600.

    I'm using an Epox 9npa+ ultra mobo atm, running an Opty 144 @ 2.2ghz which runs things nicely but I'd like a higher specced s939 cpu before they become unavaible.
    My main reason for posting was that I see there is more than one core type and I was wondering if one type was preferable to another.. ie. power consumption/overclockability etc.
  44. I'm in the same position, but I posted in the wrong section :oops: I was given an FX-55 a little while back and I bought 1GB of G.Skill RAM, a DFI nF4 Ultra-D and a 6600GT to go with it. I swapped the graphics card for a Gainward 7950GT recently and It's been running games very nicely, although load times are starting to get to me, so I want to get 2GB of RAM. I was considering perhaps getting a dual core CPU or even a core 2 upgrade, but after reading what people have said here I think I might just get the 2GB of RAM and OC the FX-55 a bit. I have a CNPS9500 AM2 on there at the moment so I think that should leave me some headroom.
  45. Is your FX-55 AM2 or 939?
  46. i didnt know they came in AM2 =/

    edit: I mostly use my rig for gaming, although i also use it (although not as much) for Photoshop, Vectorworks, Blender, A couple of video editing programs and schoolwork.
  47. I guess they probably don't. I don't really follow the FX processors all that closely. Anyway, the only thing to say about the ram upgrade is that you will be buying ram that you can't use in your next system (DDR vs DDR2). I guess it just depends how soon you want to upgrade the rest of your system.
  48. Go with the X2 4600 or 4800.The 4600 has 512 kb L2 cache per core,the 4800 has 1 mb per core.If you are unable to find a 4800 and want the 1 mb of L2 cache,then get a X2 4400 as it also has 1 mb of L2 cache per core.Goodluck.


    primary gaming rig
    AMD X2-4400+@2.4 S-939
    2X EVGA 7800GT CO IN SLI
    WD300GIG HD
    EXTREME 19IN.MONITOR 1280X1024

    secondary gaming rig
    AMD X2 3800+ S-939
    2X512 DDR IN DC MODE
    X1650PRO 512 AGP
    450WATT PSU
  49. Well if I get 2GB of RAM then my rig will be able to play all my favourite games smoothly (as well as windows vista), and that's all I want, so I'm not really bothered that I'm investing in old tech. By next year DDR2 could well be replaced by DDR3, in which case upgrading to a DDR2 platform would be no different than buying 2GB of DDR1 RAM.
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