Does Socket AM2 MB's take DDR memory?

Can anyone tell me if the AM2 takes DDR memory? :?:

I'm planning to get a FX-55 and AM2 MB, but would hate to waste a 1GB PC3200 DDR Ram if the AM2 doesn't take it.
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  1. Thanks for the info.

    Regarding the CPU, I read that most of the AM2 socket MB's can take FX're saying they're NOT compatible? Good thing I asked or else I would've wasted a few hundred bucks.
  2. 939 has 939 pins, AM2 has 940 they are different and 939 processors have different memory controllers you must use a AM2 proc for it to even fit
  3. The only FX chip for AM2 as of right now is the FX62, all the rest of the FX series are 939.
  4. AM2 takes DDR2.

    An FX-55 is a socket 939 not an AM2 socket. There is different number of pins in a different cnfiguration. You won't be able to use this rocessor in an AM2 mobo, you need an FX-62 to work in a socket AM2 mobo.
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