my comp. i just built

AMD 4600+ X2
1gb=2x512mb Corsair RAM
x2 150gb Samsung HDDS...RAID
XFX Geforce 7600GT 256mb
Other crap that i don't feel like listing
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  1. Nice pics, what case is it? How much? You do any benchies?
  2. I got the case on Newegg. heres the link...

    it was about $60 and came with a power supply, but it was only a 350 watt power supply which is useless for me... now it comes with a 450 watt Power supply. It has a cool little temperature display on top and if you connect your fans to it you can control the speeds of the fans, comes in handy. The two fans it comes with arent very good. Theres one up front for the HDDs but it still gets really warm right there, so i hooked up the two blue fans it came with, to where the HDDs are and got the green fan for my window and also the big 120mm Blue one in the back. Over all good case, the two bottom little vents on the front let out all the warm air, it's like a dual exhaust it pretty cool. im a noob what are benchies...
  3. Benchmarks, such as test's you run on your system to see how it performs comparatively. PCMark, 3DMark, Sisoft Sandra, yadda yadda.

    Are you gonna OC?
  4. oh ya im gunna run on it. i need to get my operating sytem though should be coming next week or so, i will OC once i get it up and running and see if i need, i probably will though
  5. the colors......ohhh the colors......

    nice build.
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