A Disk read error has occured Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart


I am on a home-built PC with Windows XP Home Edition, and just after a full instalation, and a restart to see if everything was working well, I got the error message in the topic title.

I have Dual HDD, Maxtor, and IBM OEM Hard Drives, and installed Windows XP on the IBM HDD.

I did a total overhaul of the system by putting a Floppy drive, the second maxtor Hard drive, a legacy floppy drive :P, a CD Drive, and an nVidiea GEForce video card.

I pressed F8 and selected "Start Windows normaly" and loaded very slowly, but loaded. I then restarted to confirm it was working, and got the same error message.

Any help would be great! thanks! :)
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  1. Try taking out the other HHD and see if you still have the same problem.. if not than there ya go. lol.. we can continue from there.
  2. And I thought my suggestion was labor intensive lol
  3. Well I figured if he removed the 2 additional HDD's that would narrow it down alot lol
  4. Having similar symptoms, but the Ctrl+alt+del gets me rebooting and then working. Hardware list would be useful.
  5. Quote:
    post a list of components please.id like to know what interfaces youre using.and it would give info that is pretty crucial to diagnosing.
    hdd sata/ata
    ide cmponents

    jumper settings on drives cab do this,not setting the bios drive boot option will do it.windows can always have a corrupt install ,any software can.ide cables bad or loose.
    no sata drivers loaded with windows.bad hdd.mft is corrupt boot sector is trashed.
    the list goes on.post your specs please.

    Well, it boots fine when I unplug the molex from the Maxtor, but I get the same error message when I have the Maxtor plugged in.
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