OC'd Pentium D 805+Crossfire/Which Motherboard?

I'm planning out my new rig and I need some help. I already own 2 ATI x1950 pro's which I will be Crossfiring. I plan on purchasing the Pentium D 805 and overclocking it, which should give me incredible bang for my buck. I like the the product specs on the Crossfire Xpress 3200 (8 GB/s to each GPU), but don't know if it's worth switching to an AMD. I've read that the 965 is better for overclocking, but I need the 975X to do crossfire, is this true? Do I have any other options? I would like to overclock to 4.1Ghz.

1. Which motherboard(s) (975X?) should I consider?

2. Which Memory should I go with (DDR2-533/Brand)?

3. If I watercool the cpu should I also watercool the gpu's?
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  1. You should do a hell of a lot more research if at this point in time you are still considering a D805
    As seeing this is your first post and You are picking all the wrong parts, Ill get you started and say look into the Intell E6300.
  2. The Benchmarks for the OC'd E6300 are certainly impressive, and I like the 2mb L2 cache. It's unfortunate the clock frequency multiplier of E6300 is locked at 7x.

    1. Can you recomend a motherboard that is competant in handling high front side bus (FSB) frequencies and has crossfire capability?

    2. Will the the E6300 running at 3.36 Ghz outperform the d 805 running at 4.1 Ghz?
  3. Well I ended up going with the E6400. Now I just need to figure out what motherboard and memory setup will give me the best overclock. Any suggestions. I'm looking at either an abit or an asus.

    How are the intel brand mobos?
  4. You should read this article dated June 12, 2006. Fun and lots of interesting ideas. You mentioned water cooling, etc.


    I'm not a gamer, but this looked like a fun project to me.

    Good luck.
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