USB 2.0 Tuner to watch Digital cable on PC?

Hi. Can anyone recommend a usb2 tuner so I can watch digital cable on my system? Or can I use a PCI card to more permanently connect my coax cable (would this compromise my pci express gaming card?)
I would either be watching TV(recording would be nice) or gaming/surfing .

Any Help? Thanks...
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  1. Thanks...does the one u recommend record live tv?
  2. hi.
    every card is doing that ,there no need to worry
    it will record tv in MPEG-2 format
  3. Hey, what about this one?
  4. hi.
    it looks ok.
    with all the features that someone may needs.
    the price is ok
    i think it is a good choise in that price.
    but this one is not a CABLE receiver.
    you can ask,to be sure if this card is able to capture cable tv.
    this one is way better than serbant plus is it able to capture cable tv.
    the price is higher but it worth it.
    i use pinnacle pctv pro.
  5. Looks great...Pricey, though...I thought tuners would be cheaper...what about a PCI Tuner?
  6. I used Diamond TV tuner usb 2.0, it was fancy hardware but then I got black screen flases and it was actually cutting out the tv signal, I returned it to BestBuy and got Win TV which was great to use.

    I decided after a year of that to upgrade to an HDTV usb tv tuner, I wanted the best one so I ordered the Cats Eye HDTV tuner, I paid 200 USD plus shipping to Canada, I'm all excited...... then I am wondering where I plug in the audio, video or hdmi, oh wait... the Cats Eye usb tv tuner is for Free Over the Air (those cheap 10 antenna's for people without cable) and doesn't support cable tv, satellite or digital cable.

    I've also tried the ATI wonder usb 2.0 which was on sale at futureshop for $80 canadian and it was comparable to Win TV, however WIN TV was the best.

    Now I hope the HDTV usb tv tuners aren't so misleading, Maybe they'll learn from the refunds of people who don't like paying $200 for 2 channels.
  7. I'm not sure if this will help but I saw this page online watch cable on pc maybe they have parts.
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