Small buisnes server 4 to 6 comp

I have been building personal compuets for years now but i have never realy thought about let alone put together a network system half hardwire half wirless including server to acomidate all computers and public axcess for downloading through website exc
I was asked by a friend and all i could do was scratch my head and go Hmmmm

I put together what i would think to be some parts and I have not scaned this forem yet to read up on some things but i though i might get some path to look down to check up on this question

Asus K8N-DL Motherboard
Opteron, Socket 940, nForce4 Pro, EATX, 24GB DDR, 2000MHz Bus
Asus - K8NDL

TYAN Tiger K8W Deluxe Motherboard
AMD, Socket 940, AMD-8111/8151, ATX, 8GB DDR, 1600MHz FSB

Super Micro H8DCE Motherboard (OEM)
Dual Opteron, Socket 940, nForce Pro 2200, Extended ATX, 32GB DDR, 1000MHz FSB
Super Micro - H8DCE

2 X AMD Opteron 280 Dual Core Processor
2.4GHz, 2MB, 1GHz Bus, Socket 940

4 x 1 set OCZ EL DDR PC-4800 / 600MHz / Enhanced Latency Platinum / Elite Edition / Dual Spec / Dual Channel
4x1 set Twinx1024RE-3200LLPT XMS3200 1024MB 2-3-2-6 2x184 PLATINUM

3 x Western Digital Raptor WD1500ADFD 150GB 10,000 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive - OEM

Case ?

Can enyone point me in the right direction
gazza :)
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  1. Hmmmm ... I'm not really sure what you are asking here.

    Try and state a configuration you are trying to achieve, e.g.

    How many workstations
    What do you want a server for
    Who needs wireless access
    Any security restrictions
    Public access ?
  2. Definatly clearify the exact duties this server is going to perform. To be a server for 4 or 6 comps you may not need much. My server at home is the domain controller for my house (5 comps), hosts several game servers, is a file server for the house, runs a teamspeak server, and serveral other little things. It isn't being hurt much and it is only a dual PIII 866 w/ 2gb of ram running win 2k3 server.
  3. Thanks guys I guess i was after mobo brand names and or some sites i could go to read up on what actualy go's into the makeing of a server for buisness of a small compony tecnical coledge for teaching for profesional degee's and licences,that would be conected to a website
    I myelsf run a home network of 3 computers but there all for gameing with the odd movie editering and graphics art work that i do on my personal one which I am curently ocing and updating to something of this generation :lol:
    I was just quereus and wanted to read up which is better Intel amd 2cores or one
    1 ,2, 4, cpu's per motherboard how many stick or ram and what brands
    But clearly the range covers evrything from the local macanics shop to servers needed to accomidate the operation and running of the Olimpic games
    i have been reading at Tyan , Sun , Tomshardware the wireless network section websites
    Im not a braineac and computers and networks are not my work
    but i love putting them together
    Anyhow keep it cool and once again thanks
    Cheers GAZZA :wink:
  4. Custom building a server really isn't recommended these days. It's almost always buying from a vendor like Dell, HP, IBM, etc.

    The reason being is they have the ability to fully test out the hardware going into a server to give you a 100% compatibility.

    In order to know what kind of server you want to build and what to use in each instance, first you have to understand what your server is going to do and how much power you need.

    Basically, review your software requirements, then read up on the hardware to figure out what you'll want to use.

    If you're concerned about CPUs, try hitting up Intel and AMD's website. They'll have the best info on it.

    If you have questions, I'd recommend calling up a sales rep and talking with them on it. You can search all day on the internet and find some info but who knows how accurate it will be.

    As far as websites that do server hardware reviews, not really sure about that. Generally, when you purchase the CPU and mobo in combos. RAM for a server should be ECC which was designed to work for servers and not PCs. for memory should explain it.

    as for hard drives, you want SCSI, western digitial, IBM, maxtor, etc. All major brands make the drives.

    It's all basic hardware, you just need to know the servers use higher end equipment you wouldn't find in a PC normally.
  5. For buisness use definatly buy a server, dont build it. I've been getting HP Proliant servers for quite some time now at work and they havent failed me yet.
    Buying a server can come with quite a price tag but it is worth it by far in the end.
  6. Once again thanks fellows for the info and web sites to check out, my friend is very professional in his ways and would probably end up going with a compony built combo as you have suggested. He already has one computer from Dell based on serviceability, warranty, and reliability of the product to ensure no failure and a quick response and fix would happen in the case there was one. I did suggest AMD opteron over P4s as I believe the CPU architecture is far superior, faster and cooler then the Intel’s P4s again it is up to the individual and if they prefer security and piece of mind over performance then fine as long as it does the job. I don’t mind investigating to find out what would be the better system to go with .
    Again it is my brains being picked as is what I am trying to do with you guys and before I come to a conclusion I always research all possible avenues of variances.

    I am currently building a computer and I have all the parts on my desk and I am waiting on one part an opteron 180 I wanted a 185 but there as scars as hens teeth, but this computer is my baby and I will be doing a major ocing with her air cooled not water

    My precious

    Case Lian-Li 1200plus
    Mobo asus A8R-MVP
    CPU Opteron 180
    Ram 2 x 512 mb OCZ EL 400MHz platinum r2
    CPU cooler Thermalright SI-120
    Graphics cards ATI x1900xtx and x1900 CF master
    Hard drive WD Raptor X 150 GB 16 mb cache

    Thanks heeps GAZZA :D
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