CPU or GPU??

hello.. I am new here.. I need some opinions and advices..

I have some money to upgrade my PC. but which one should I choose and better for me?

I intend to buy AMD phenom II 940 or
a 2nd XFX GTX260 for sli step-up..

both of this product has the same price at my place.

which one is the best for my system right now??

here's my system spec..

AMD Phenom 9850@2.5ghz
Asus M3N-HT Deluxe mempipe 780a 3-sli mobo
Asus GTX260
4gb team Xtreem ddr2 1066mhz ram
2 sata HDDs
1 dvdrw
CM 690 nvidia casing
BenQ 22inch HD LCD 1680-1050 resolution
Razer tarantula and deathadder
Corsair HX620 watt psu..

*p.s. does my corsair HX620wt support GTX260 in sli? I know it has 50a tripple 12v rails. I am not really on Overclocking my PC.. just build for gaming.

hope you all have some advices and opinions..

thank you..
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  1. Hey you can try http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp that website tells you how much power you need or so you can see if you can run another card on it. make sure you put 20-30% on aging because that's for how much you use it and if you leave it on all night ect. i think you are fine with GTX260 unless you are really into like hardcore games and you want thousand fps lol. But for cpu its up to you read into it and see if you want to change.
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