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Hi there folks, this is going to sound like a pretty stupid scenario, but somehow or another I have lost my router's IP address. After setting it to and changing some other settings I cannot access the configuration page. I would gladly use the reset button except that I Cannot for the life of me figure out how. The router is a Gigafast WF719-CAPR and others on the net have had trouble with the button. The manual is no help...

I have the thing bridging off my original network, and I did have it working 100% at one point. The odd thing is that now it still acts fine as a bridge (when I plug computers into the router, they can access the network/internet) The only thing is I can't access the config page with the IP address that I assigned!!!

I was wondering if there is some sort of software LAN monitor out there that I could use to detect the various devices in my network and their respective IP addresses. I know the thing is working with my network because it is enabling internet access on my computers, its just gone and hidden itself and I need a way to find it!!!

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  1. There ar several scanners out there, Do a search on Google. If connect to the router, then look at your port properties. See what it is setting your Gateway at. And try connecting to it. I know the older OS's you have to do a release and renew when you chage the router settings.

    You could always reset the router to factory and start over.
  2. thanks for the speedy reply Blue.

    Unfortunately I set my router to disable DHCP, so even when I directly connect it to only one computer I can't pick up any network settings, so I don't really know what the gateway is.

    Also I can't really reset it to factory settings because I don't know how to... like I said in my previous post the reset button does not work

    I will keep searching for scanners and I'll try the release/renew as you said ... I'll let you know if I make any progress
  3. I placed a little tool called 'ip-scan' on my webhost download here.

    You can enter ip-ranges and ip-scan will show you all active hosts on that specific range :)
    you can check ranges / or / if it finds anything.

    Network magic found this for me. The free trial version.

    bob klahn
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