Program cannot run because identity cannot be verified

Panda Cloud antivirus did not run. Windows does not trust this program because its identity cannot be verified. Please help
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  1. More information would help.

    Reinstalling Panda should fix the issue.
  2. cannot reinstall. cant even open the program because its blocked by Windows. have tried changing settings to allow in Windows Firewall, but problem still exits. Tried downloading a latest version of Panda Cloud Antivirus but same thing, it cannot even download. Its blocked by something in my laptop.
  3. you can go into control panel, add or remove programs and remove it that way
  4. I dont want to remove this program. Its superb! But cannot use it. Dialogue Box comes up saying " THIS PROGRAM WILL NOT RUN......Windows didn't run this program because its identity can't be verified". Just want to know how to fix this.
  5. I have no idea what programs you might have installed that have a firewall and can block this. You might even have a virus that is blocking access. Try booting up into safe mode with networking and try to download from there.
  6. use avast instead, much better antivirus,

    Maybe you have a virus that block it: try malware bytes
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