CPU/Mobo/Ram/Vcard upgrade - want opinions,advice - thanks!

Hey, I'm currently running:
p4 2.4ghz
1.5gb ddr(266)
ati x800xt AGP :oops:
and some Abit mobo

I've been wanting to upgrade for a 'lil while now :) Anyways this is what I'm thinking about for a gaming rig thats has a good $$/performance ratio:

ATI Radeon X1950 XT -- ($270)
Core 2 Duo E6400 -- ($200)
OCZ ddr2 800(2 x 1gb) -- ($250)
(Need advice on mobo) Something with:
Socket LGA 775 that supports Core 2 Duo -- ($150)

I would appreciate opinions, advice, suggestions. The prices I listed aren't exact they are estimates from what I've seen online.
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  1. looks good, heres the mobo you should get.

    MSI P965 Platinum

    im using it in my new build too, and toms gave it the editors choice award!

  2. Good mobo. The Gigabyte DS3 is another good one.

    If you're getting decent 800 RAM, ditch the 6400, get the 6300 and OC it to 3.0 ghz without breaking a sweat. I know it's only $40 extra, but you could put that into a better case or CPU cooler ;)
  3. hmm, after reading the C2D OC guide looks like the Gigabyte DS3 fits perfectly into my price estmite and is recomended for OCing :)

    Thanks :)
  4. On a DS3 (or even S3!!!) and 6300, you'll hit 3.0 no problem. Use the $$ from a 6400 instead to get a decent CPU cooler ;)
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