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Each and everytime I bootup my pc a report pops-up and tells me my stock 5900xt is not getting enough power. I'm on a 300W Procase PSU and my 2400+ is at 2200mhz. I pulled out the card and back in again, took out the power connector and back in again, still the same message. Is my PSU dying on me?
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  1. That usually mean the power connector is not giving juice.
    Is it on the same wire as the Opticals/Hd/Etc ?

    300W is pretty weak anyway it might be the problem, especially since I dont know Procase...
  2. Quote:
    Is my PSU dying on me?

    Maybe not but it sucks. Replace it.
  3. Yes and... yes I know it sounds very generic but I got it with my pc case which is also Procase.
  4. If you can play around and do some cable management so only the video card and possibly FANS are connected on the same cable that might fix it, if you don't have enough connector, at least no HD might do the trick.

    And not only does it sound pretty generic, it is pretty generic :?

    You can get some Good Fortron(FSP) 350W PSU on the cheap...
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