MS-6712 KT3V with PC3200 memory

I have just acquired this board for a really cheap price so I can use my currently redundant AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor and 1GB of cheap OC'UK PC3200 memory thats just lying around gathering dust, to cobble together a mini upgrade to an ageing Duron 800 using 832MB of SDRAM with a motherboard that has only two USB ports, crap onboard sound and a limit to 1.5GB of RAM and Athlon 1.2ghz processors!

I only have PC3200 memory lying around and the specs of this board specify that it only supports PC2700 or FSB 333. Does this mean I strictly have to use PC2700 RAM or can I just use PC3200 RAM at the lower speed. I previously used PC133 RAM on my Duron which only ran at 100mhz and it simply ran the memory at the slower FSB. My Athlon XP is a 2000+ so it only runs at FSB 266 - surely the motherboard will apply the same logic to my PC3200 memory and just underclock it to the appropriate speed. I really don't want to have to go out and buy memory which is almost extinct, and to add salt to the wound is at a time where the prices are sky rocketing!!

Thanks for your help!
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  1. OK well no thanks to any contributions in this forum I have managed to build a rig using the sticks of RAM. Only problem I have now is that the PC3200 memory and processor are running at 100mhz, causing my AMD Athlon XP 2000+ processor to run at 1.25ghz as if I was using PC100 SDRAM when it should be around 1.67ghz!!

    The CMOS was reset as the guy that I obtained the motherboard from left the reset jumper in the reset pins rather than on normal. What settings do I need to change to ensure that my PC3200 memory is running at the proper speed and that the processor is running at its proper speed?
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